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4 Concrete Blocks for Vertical Elements in Modern Toronto, Mississauga Outdoor Kitchens

The decision to incorporate an outdoor kitchen within your Toronto or Mississauga, ON landscape is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. While the construction will maximize your home’s value as well as the enjoyment of your property, the finished product must be one of high quality and a continuation of the architecture and aesthetic feel of your existing property. Unilock offers a variety of products to make your finished product assuredly satisfying. These concrete blocks for your vertical elements are perfect for helping you meet a variety of style needs. As you design a grill island, fire pit feature, water feature, or permanent seating, make sure that form and function work together in the materials chosen for your design.

Architextures Wall

To extend a contemporary feel to your outdoor kitchen, you may require vertical units with smooth, sleek lines and a surface to match. Architextures Wall by Unilock incorporates these features. This unit can certainly be employed to create an outdoor kitchen that reflects a modern and clean aesthetic. Composed of two compressed layers, this option exemplifies strength and is extremely long-lasting. The treatments applied will also extend the color-life of your construction. Available in Almond Grove, Granite, Midnight Charcoal, Opal Blend, and Sierra shades, you’ll have no difficulty choosing colors that are complementary to your landscape design and your modern home’s architecture. Neither form nor function will be sacrificed in this homage to the modern outdoor kitchen space.

Rivercrest Wall

On the other end of the architectural spectrum, you’ll find the comforting rustic aesthetic of Rivercrest Wall. With Rivercrest Wall from Unilock, you’ll achieve a look reminiscent of stacked flagstone with a realistic texture and timeless appeal. For those who desire a naturalistic outdoor kitchen that brings to mind true outdoor living with all the comforts of home a step away, this option delivers this aesthetic with high-quality and durability. Available in Coastal Slate and Buff shades, your grill island, fire features, and wall seating can complement one another with rich textures and natural coloring throughout your outdoor kitchen.

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Brussels Dimensional Stone

Another versatile and striking option for constructing your outdoor kitchen elements is Brussels Dimensional Stone. This option comes in a plethora of colors, including Sandstone, Desert Sand, Limestone, Mahogany Ash, Midnight Charcoal, and Sierra. Whether you choose a monochromatic look or incorporate different colors for accents, borders, or other splashes of color, your designed constructions are sure to be functional and aesthetically striking within your outdoor kitchen. Choose Brussels Fullnose coping system to top off your design and create a smooth, rounded surface to double as seating within your outdoor entertaining area.

Ledgestone Coping

As the uppermost edge of any wall, Unilock offers Ledgestone as a universally appropriate coping stone that will seem right at home regardless of the style or stone used within the vertical element. When incorporated into your outdoor kitchen, this product allows you to create permanent seating and counter space. Its use will increase the life of your structure, the comfort of your guests, and the overall aesthetic of your design. Most importantly, Ledgestone coping allows you to complement any architectural style or feature with an appropriate, attractive, and enduring building unit.

The title image features a grill island built from Rivercrest Wall with Richcliff paver surrounds and a Courtstone border.

4 Concrete Blocks for Vertical Elements in Modern Toronto, Mississauga ON Outdoor Kitchens

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