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3 Landscape Design Ideas for Danbury, CT, Ranch-Style Homes

3 Landscape Design Ideas for Danbury, CT, Ranch-Style Homes


If yours is a ranch-style home, you may be wondering how to best use your landscape to make the most of your space and accentuate the architecture of your house. Landscape designs for ranch-style homes should typically include a nice outdoor entertaining area, plenty of plantings, and walkways that create a natural flow throughout your property. Here are some great design ideas for your Danbury, CT, ranch-style property:

Perfect Patio

The backyard patio is a must-have for any outdoor entertaining space. It’s the foundation upon which all your entertaining areas are built – whether it’s a kitchen, dining area, outdoor lounge, fire pit, or bar. The patio may start at the back entrance of your home and should be spacious enough to fit the layout of your landscape, leaving enough room for people to walk about and mingle. The patio could be simple with clean lines, or it could have a softer touch with a curved finish. You could also let your patio lead straight onto your grass, or finish it with seating walls that define the space and allow for casual seating. For a modern look, consider Senzo, with its consistent cuts and clean lines. If you want something a little more naturalized and rustic, you can’t go wrong with Brussels Block. It’s got a tumbled look and natural effect to highlight the beauty of your landscape. Alternatively, Unilock Premium Quality Sandstone is ideal for achieving the welcoming appearance of authentic natural stone.

Maximum Flora

Due to their design, ranch-style homes typically have a larger perimeter and more roof exposed to the elements. Having a good amount of trees and plantings around your home can benefit you both practically and aesthetically. Some trees planted around your property can provide shade during the hot summer months, saving you money on cooling costs. They can also provide shade for your outdoor entertaining area, as well as privacy. In addition to those benefits, trees help prevent soil erosion and help to channel rainwater back into the groundwater system, protecting your home’s foundation from damage. In addition to trees, having space for plantings is a must to highlight your home’s beauty. One way to do that is to incorporate masonry planters. If there’s an area of your property where you have walls either for decorative or functional purposes, add masonry planters for more space to plant. Rivercrest Wall, for example, is a beautiful wall reminiscent of stacked stone that adds a natural touch to any landscape.

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A Private Fire Pit

A fire pit is an awesome addition to any landscape design. What it means for you is that you can enjoy more space to entertain, as well as a source of light and warmth for entertaining on cool nights. You can either integrate your fire pit as part of your main hardscape or patio, or push it a little farther into the yard, creating a distinct space that makes your design appear larger. For something different and space-saving, integrate the fire pit into the outer perimeter of your patio as part of the wall that separates your lawn from your hardscape. Unilock Firepit Kits make installing one quick and easy, whether you’re building a new hardscape or simply adding to your existing one.Both Brussels Dimensional System and Rivercrest Wall create gorgeous fire pits that will look rustic and beautiful, no matter where you put it.

The title image features a Unilock Sandstone patio with Rivercrest Wall.


3 Landscape Design Ideas for Danbury, CT, Ranch-Style Homes


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