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3 Jaw-Dropping Inground Pools Perfect for your Long Island, NY Home

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For many homeowners in the Long Island, NY region, the centerpiece of a well-designed landscape is a beautiful inground pool. Because of the pool’s prominence within the overall landscape design, choosing what shape and style to make the pool is a huge decision. Additionally, the material you select for your new pool patio is also an important one. From natural stone material like Bluestone and Flagstone, or concrete pavers like those manufactured by Unilock, there are many products to choose from. Here, we introduce a great start to pool design with these three designs. The perfect complement to any Long Island, NY landscape, these options also offer a great way to boost property value while enjoying the luxury of your own inground pool.


The modern inground pool design features crisp, clean lines and 90 degree angles. Sometimes square, often rectangular and occasionally L or T shaped, the modern pool design is perfect for complementing the angular façade and sleek horizontal emphasis of a modern home. The geometric effect of a modern pool design is further enhanced with the addition of features such as splash pools, steps and other decorative or structural elements. Chrome railings and fittings are often used to complement the futuristic appeal of modern pools, but are not a hard and fast rule of the style.
Aesthetics aside, the rectangular, L and T shapes of modern pools offer the benefit of length, making them perfect for swimming laps as a mode of exercise for the fitness conscious homeowner. Their shape also offers an abundance of space and a minimum of trouble areas for automatic pool cleaners.
In keeping with modern architectural principles, the modern pool design offers the perfect balance of simplicity, functionality and bold yet elegant aesthetic. For a matching pool patio material, consider choices such as Unilock’s Umbriano paver or Natural Stone by Unilock.

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The free-form design is as versatile as it is visually interesting. Free-form designs make use of flowing curves, soft lines and rounded corners. The effect created is that of an organic shape that molds itself around the elements of your yard. A free-form pool can be as simple as a straightforward kidney shape or as vast and complicated as the environment allows, with cloud shapes being popular design examples. Waterfall and rock features are frequently used as a complement to the naturalistic lines of a free-form design, creating the ambience of a tropical oasis or pristine lagoon. The free-form design can provide balance to homes consisting of sharp angles and soften the aesthetic of rigid boundary lines and strictly geometric outdoor spaces.
The idyllic settings created by free-form layouts make them the ultimate in luxury pool designs. For homeowners looking to transform their pool areas into stunning relaxation and entertainment areas, the free-form pool is ideal.
Free-form pools are suited to almost any architectural style and can be customized to enhance the aesthetic of both house and landscape. In keeping with the style of this free-from pool style, paver choices such as Unilock’s Richcliff or Beacon Hill Flagstone are perfect. Really, the paver choice here can be matched to the architectural style of your Long Island, NY home as the free form pool lends itself well to so many different styles.

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Custom Geometric

Custom geometric pool designs are similar in theory to free-form designs, but rather than primarily using curves and flowing lines, geometric designs incorporate straight lines and varying angles, fitted to the natural environment. Curves and rounded angles can be used, but are less frequent than in free-form pools. These types of designs are ideal for following the shapes of boundary walls or the negative spaces created by the outline of your home.
For homeowners looking to create something unique and outstanding, a custom geometric design is a perfect match. The versatility of this style as well as the more formal lines and edges, make the custom geometric design a good balance between a modern and free-form pool, allowing for the luxury of space and length, while also providing potential for creativity.
The straight edges and variety of angles, means that custom geometric designs can be used in modern home designs as well in conjunction with more classical architectural styles. Match this style pool with Natural Stone by Unilock for a rustic, yet polished feel, or go ultra modern with Unilock’s Senzo Paver.

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