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Walkway Pavers That Are Both Stylish and Safe in Hopewell Junction, NY

Walkway Pavers That Are Both Stylish and Safe in Hopewell Junction, NY

The title image features Artline pavers.


Different walkway pavers can give your landscape very distinct and vastly different looks. But if the looks come at the price of safety, it’s not worth the cost. Not all pavers are created equal! To get both looks and slip-resistance, here are some walkway pavers that are both stylish and safe in Hopewell Junction, NY.


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You may have experienced the shock of suddenly slipping and falling hard when you’re just walking along on a poured concrete or asphalt surface minding your own business. Unfortunately, this is all too common with certain materials—but not Unilock pavers. Unilock pavers, whether they are textured or smooth, feature a non-slip surface that retains its grip even when wet. For example, the smooth surface of Beacon Hill Smooth pavers from Unilock will give you a sure-footed walk even when they’re wet.



Choose walkway pavers that work with your home’s architectural style. Avoid trying to have the colors matched exactly or the siding material match exactly—the walkway can have its own personality with complementary pavers.


For example, if your home has brick siding, mirroring the brick in a walkway could be a bit overwhelming. Instead, opt for a different paver such as Treo Premier from Unilock. This flagstone-inspired paver has a lovely rustic texture, and its small size is proportionately perfect alongside brick. Treo is available in New York Blend, Fossil, Tuscany, Brown, Charcoal, Steel Mountain, Sierra, and Almond Grove. These blended colors are a great way to pick up the color of your siding and integrate the walkway into the landscape.


Sometimes, contrast can be just the thing to create a walkway that turns heads. Using borders and accents is one way to achieve interest. A wonderful example of a contrasting color combination with complementary textures is the tumbled Brussels Block paver in a sandy color such as Sandstone or Almond Grove, along with a border of the timeworn appeal of brick-styled Copthorne pavers in Old Oak or Burgundy Red.



Today, you have color choices within each paver type. When choosing walkway pavers for color, it’s important to choose pavers that will hold their color over time, and not fade. Unilock EnduraColor technology mixes color throughout the paver so that surface blemishes won’t be as noticeable, and concentrates this color on the surface layer. The effect: You’ll have pavers that retain their color.


A great example of a chic paver that will stand the test of time—and hold its color beautifully thanks to EnduraColor—is the Artline paver from Unilock. This brick-shaped paver is actually a larger format than standard brick, and comes in a random bundle of multiple lengths and widths. As well, it’s available in two finishes (Smooth, in Copper Ridge, Steel Mountain, and Tuscany; and Umbriano Mottled in French Grey and Winter Marvel). These choices open up endless design possibilities!



Ultimately the test of a great paver is its durability. The freeze-thaw cycle can wreak havoc on lesser pavers, causing them to crumble and crack over time. Unilock pavers, however, are designed for low water absorption. When you choose a paver such as the sleek contemporary Umbriano pavers, which feature EasyClean Stain Resistance, you’ll be ensured a paver that will give you beauty and function for decades to come.


Accidents do happen, but pavers are separate units, which means that damaged pavers can be replaced individually. This greatly lowers the lifetime cost of the walkway and prevents an ugly patched look that is often created by the use of asphalt or poured concrete.


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