Uvision® 3D Landscape Creator – Whats New for 2018

New UltraRes Plant Models

200 new UltraRes Plant® models have been added. UltraRes plants are highly detailed, grow realistically, change with the season, and even move in the wind for exceptional realism.

New Landscape Accessories

More than 280 accessories have been added to Realtime Landscaping Architect 2018.

New accessories include fire pits, furniture, rugs, planters, televisions, table games, wall decorations, and more.

As always, you can easily customize the size, shape, materials, and more to help you create highly realistic landscape designs.

New Doors and Glass Block Windows

Improve the realism of your 3D houses with a new library of entry doors and glass block windows. Over 50 new doors have been added, including single entry, double entry, and variations including sidelights. 60 configurations of glass block windows have also been added, including light and dark variations.

New and Updated Unilock Materials

Visualise cutting-edge hardscape options with newly updated materials from Unilock, including the newly-released U-Cara™ wall patterns.

New 3D Rockery

A complete selection of 3D rocks, boulders, and standalone flagstone have been added to Realtime Landscaping Photo.

Choose from more than 130 styles of 3D rock models when designing over a photograph. Each rock can be modified as needed; freely change the size, material, orientation, and more.

Improved Performance

UltraRes Plant® models now use less memory, render faster, and appear more realistic when viewed from a distance.

Exporting large landscape plans to PDF now requires less memory, allowing large designs to work more efficiently on slower systems.

General Improvements

Realtime Landscaping Architect 2018 includes support for the latest Oculus Rift drivers.

The CAD Drawing Import Wizard has been updated to support DWG and DXF files in AutoCAD 2018 format.

The quality of the user interface has been improved when using high resolution displays (such as 4K monitors).

New Presentation Features

Create stunning and professional video presentations using the enhanced Realtime Camera tool. Choose from 12 varieties of new transitional effects, such as Cut, Fade, and Dissolve.

Add text to any portion of your video with adjustable size, position, color, font, style, opacity, and shadowing.

Enhanced with versatile text and transition support, the Realtime Camera tool is a powerful and easy way to create compelling landscape presentations.

New Stone Edging Tool

Use the new Stone Edging tool to automatically place individual edging stones along a path. Over 120 styles are included, such as scalloped, block, wood, crescent, interlocking, and more. The stones can be stacked, so you can build decorative walls and borders. Stone edging is an elegant way to accent transitions and add borders to your landscape design.

Other Changes

This release also includes other miscellaneous fixes and improvements to help keep Realtime Landscaping 2018 the leader in landscape design software.

Whats New for 2017

Large Monitor Support

Realtime Landscaping Architect now supports a wide range of cutting edge high resolution displays, including 4k monitors and TVs.

The updated user interface automatically detects the display you are using, and dynamically scales tools, text, and icons based on your Windows DPI settings.

New and Updated Materials

Realtime Landscaping Architect includes new and updated pavers and other materials.

Other Changes

This release also includes miscellaneous fixes and improvements to help keep Uvision 3D Landscape Creator the leader in landscape design software.

Whats New for 2016

Looking more
and more real!

A complete new 3D graphics engine has substantially improved the quality and realism of “walk-throughs” and presentations.

Using cutting edge DirectX 11 technology, new features include dynamic lighting and shadows, bloom, high dynamic range (HDR), tone mapping, automatic exposure, lens flare, and many more subtle improvements.


Terrain Shaper Tool

Now you can easily design complex slopes, grades and berms using the new Uvision Grade painter tool.

Easily “paint” terrain elevation changes using your mouse. Effortlessly raise, lower, flatten, smooth, and shape the landscape.

The Grade Painter works seamlessly along side existing terrain tools.

Over 1,600 landscaping accessories!

Check out the new and improved accessories with improved quality, realism, and size accuracy. We also added over 300 new accessories such as arbors, trellises, patio furniture, outdoor kitchens, playground equipment, planters, pool accessories, and more.

New 3D Grass

3D grass can now be added to any fill region, adding a subtle yet surprisingly effective touch of realism to your walkthroughs and presentations. Control aspects such as the grass color, height, thickness, and shininess, making it easy to create the right looking grass for your region.

Oculus Rift Support

Virtual reality is here! The Oculus Rift is a headset for experiencing virtual 3D environments. Words cannot describe the experience! When you put on the headset, you feel like you are standing in the middle of the landscape you have just designed! The Oculus Rift requires a high-end computer and video card. To learn more about the Oculus Rift and its cost and availability, visit www.oculus.com.

Realistic Water appearance and motion.

Water has been completely redesigned and includes advanced effects such as foam, sparkles, caustics, improved reflections and refraction, enhanced ripples, and more.

Streams now flow more realistically, especially over uneven terrain. The water flow direction can be adjusted as a path. The water level and speed can also be adjusted. Multiple streams can flow into each other automatically.

New Outdoor Kitchens

Great new options for designing outdoor kitchens have been added. Easily create custom outdoor kitchens with cabinets, sinks, grills, and other items, with exceptional realism.

Improved Boulders
and Rocks

New high-definition cubical and round rocks, boulders, and slabs have been added to the library.

You can also easily adjust the appearance of the rocks and boulders, by altering the material size, rotation, color, position, and shininess.

New Clouds
and Sky

Select from an array of cloud and sky styles, and preview the appearance of the sky at different times of day, and even adjust the phase of the moon at night.


New Swimming Pool Accessories

New diving boards, handrails, ladders. Glass Swimming Pool Walls. Easily add a glass section anywhere in your pool wall with just a few clicks. You can even change glass height, thickness, and even make water to flow over a vanishing edge!

Export Incredible Videos

The video creation tool quality and performance has been improved.

Your exported videos will render incredibly realistic shadows, lighting, sky, and other effects.

Videos now support dynamic time of day changes. You can change the time of day at any point, and even combine multiple time of day changes in the same video.


New 2018 System Requirements

Due to the new technology used in our 2018 software, Windows XP is no longer supported.

The new Uvision 3D Landscape Creator 2018 software requires a video card that supports DirectX 10 or higher

Most computers purchased within the last 6 years should have one. However, our software makes extensive use of 3D graphics, so we highly recommend upgrading to a faster video card if possible.

Minimum Requirements

Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 with the latest Microsoft service packs 1 GHz CPU (2 GHz or more recommended)
4 GB System Memory (8 GB or more recommended)
30 GB available hard disk space
DirectX 11-compatible Video Card with 512 MB Video Memory (1 GB or more recommended)
Mouse or other pointing device .