Choosing the Perfect Material for Your Pool Patio

Shown here: Grand Patio and Pool Deck built with Umbriano pavers.

The design plan of your pool patio shouldn’t be taken lightly. This kind of project is a significant investment, and the materials chosen are key to its success. The plethora of options available can be overwhelming; fortunately, you can trust a Unilock Authorized Contractor to assist with the decision making process. As you browse images of remarkable patio areas, keep in mind that function and durability should never be sacrificed in favor of aesthetic, nor do they have to be.

Shown here: Family enjoying their Umbriano patio.

Consider Function

The patio area around your swimming pool should be smooth, slip resistant, and impervious to heat absorption. Scorching one’s bare feet on hot pavers is never a pleasant experience. Light colored pavers, such as Unilock Umbriano pavers, resist absorption of summer heat, making them a perfect choice for many homeowners. Other options include wood decking and natural stone, but both come with their own limitations. While wood can be a cool-to-the-touch alternative, this option can often end in unexpected splinters and increased and unforeseen maintenance. Natural stone including Bluestone and Flagstone are also frequently used as pool patio materials, however, they tend to absorb far more heat, resulting in a less than comfortable situation for bare feet.
In addition to temperature concerns, traction should be considered. The patio area will presumably be wet while the pool is in use, therefore the material you choose should be slip-resistant. Despite its appearance, reminiscent of natural granite, Unilock Umbriano offers a safe, non-slip surface, ensuring your family and guests will enjoy a comfortable experience.

Did you know?
Unilock Umbriano features a Reflectivity Index averaging 39 (except for Midnight Sky), which is far less than stamped concrete and natural stone.

Shown here: Contemporary Umbriano Paver Pool Deck & Patio

Consider Maintenance

With the busy pace of family life today, chances are good that the right material for your pool patio is a low maintenance solution. Homeowners with concrete pavers have more time to spend enjoying the pool area because they aren’t bound to the demanding maintenance routines characteristic of other options. Select from Unilock Townhall, Umbriano, or Richcliff pavers for a pool patio that resists staining and fading, providing lasting beauty and durability without the rigors of continuous maintenance.

Our continual investment in technologically and advanced equipment ensures we’re able to provide the best in quality, consistency and design.

Consider Durability

The longevity of your patio’s construction is equally as important as the choice of the materials. While poured or stamped concrete offers a less expensive solution up front, it is prone to cracking as the ground shifts. Lacking the strength to deal with the stresses of weather, this option can require repair and replacement within a relatively short period of time. Wooden decking is another option that, while offering a warm, natural aesthetic and convenient installation, cannot withstand the tests of weather and time as well as concrete pavers. With styles that are varied and elegant, the durability and maintenance requirements reflect the high quality demanded for such an important project. Homeowners that choose Unilock for their pool patio enjoy the benefit of a lifetime guarantee that protects all Unilock pavers and walls.

Shown here:Pool Deckand Patio built with Umbriano pavers and Il Campo accents

Consider Aesthetics

The appearance of the swimming pool patio is often at the forefront of homeowners’ considerations. Pavers truly offer the best of both function and aesthetics. They offer longevity, safety, and functionality, but they also have the variety needed to match any desired design style. For those seeking a modern landscape, Unilock Umbriano or Richcliff pavers offer a natural stone appearance in a variety of shades. Our Copthorne and Townhall pavers speak to an old-world elegance with a look that mimics European brick, making patterns and accents easy. Additionally, our Courtstone pavers offer the romanticism and high-shine of cobblestone with the non-slip, fade-resistant, features for which Unilock pavers are known.
Whatever your style or vision, Unilock pavers are the perfect material for your pool patio. Learn more about Umbriano here.