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Why Unilock Stone and Pavers Are So Trusted in Ballenger Creek, MD


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When you’re looking into making improvements to your landscape, you want to be sure you’re choosing the best products that will do the job and stand the test of time. Doing so ensures your long-term enjoyment. Here’s why Unilock stone and pavers are so trusted in Ballenger Creek, MD.



Unilock offers both premium natural stone and concrete pavers to give you the broadest possible choices to create your dream patio, pool deck, walkways, or driveway. But why do discerning homeowners choose Unilock? The short story is: quality. When you consider the thoughtful design, technologies, warranty, and commitment to customer satisfaction, the choice is clear.




Safe Landscape Materials


Safety is number one in any project. Concrete pavers from Unilock feature non-slip surfaces when the pavers are wet, even on smooth pavers.


Beacon Hill Smooth is an example of an ideal paver for pool surrounds and patios. Its smooth texture is swimsuit- and barefoot-friendly, yet it offers surefootedness even when wet.




Durable Finishes


For high-demand areas such as outdoor kitchens, pool decks, and driveways, choose Unilock pavers that are infused with EasyClean Stain Resistance technology for superior resistance to stains from food, drinks, pool chemicals, household chemicals, automotive oil, or de-icing salts.


For example, Unilock Umbriano pavers feature a realistic granite look as well as three proprietary Unilock technologies: ColorFusion Technology, which incorporates real granite pieces for a realistic appearance; EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology; and EnduraColor Facemix Technology, which ensures long-wearing color.




Strength and Durability


Ultima Technology is one way that select Unilock pavers can be used in any residential application, from walkways to driveways and all outdoor living spaces. These pavers are up to four times as strong as conventional poured concrete.


Town Hall is one such paver; you get the timeless look of brick and your choice of traditional or permeable installation. This highly versatile paver can be used for any residential application and can even be used for vertical elements to create a unified look.


After the patio season is over, you don’t want to worry about the freeze-thaw cycle taking its toll on your patio, or about weathering. The durable finishes on Unilock pavers protect them from life’s hardships.


Mattoni pavers feature EnduraColor, which is a two-step manufacturing process that combines a base of coarse aggregates for a stronger foundation, with concentrated color and wear-resistant finer aggregates on top. This process protects the surface from fading and minimizes the appearance of scratches.




Beauty in Every Stone and Paver


Richcliff pavers take outdoor living to the next level with its hyper-realistic flagstone texture, which is created using Reala Technology. This method takes casts from a multitude of natural stones, to prevent an obvious pattern repeat and to give your patio a truly unique appearance.




Convenient, Low Maintenance Products


EasyClean technology provides an integral protection against stains, enriches the colors, prevents water infiltration and stains, and makes cleanup a breeze.


Arcana pavers offer a unique speckled appearance and luxe matte finish due to fine blasting the surface to reveal natural granite, quartz, and marble particles. These trendy large format slabs feature EasyClean to simplify their care.




Warranty with Hardscape Materials


Your investment is backed by a transferable lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of our pavers, retaining wall units, and natural stone.



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