Why Concord Wall Is a Favorite for Retaining Walls in Yorktown Heights, NY

Why Concord Wall Is a Favorite for Retaining Walls in Yorktown Heights, NYFor landscapes in Yorktown Heights, NY, slopes can be invaluable, as they add interest and dimension. However, they can also present problems when soil shifts and erodes. If that happens, then your curb appeal could take a hit or the structural integrity of your outdoor living space could be affected. Eliminate hazards and optimize the appearance of your sloped landscape with the installation of retaining walls. Here are a few reasons why Concord Wall from Unilock is often used, by homeowners and businesses alike, to keep their landscapes stable and manicured.


Beautiful Color Variations and Finishes

Concord Wall is available in a wide range of stunning colors, such as Almond Grove, which is filled with subtle blue hues. This pale variation of Concord Wall never fails to stand out in stark contrast to darker elements, such as soil, greenery, and other hardscaping elements. The Granite shade, on the other hand, is darker and better suited to creating walls that make a powerful visual impact. The Sierra color variation is wonderfully warm, and its sandy undertones pair well with highly vegetated areas.

Concord Wall is also available in a range of finishes, both textured and smooth. A single wall can be comprised of units that are textured on one side but smooth on the other. A textured finish is often displayed on the sides that face outward, while the remaining faces are kept smooth to ensure a successful installation and a tight fit. Smooth faces can be installed flush against surrounding units, coping, and other structures within the hardscape.


Many Different Components

Concord Wall units come in many different shapes and sizes. For example, Concord Wall is available as coping that can be used to finish off walls in a cohesive way. Concord Wall coping can also be used to create steps that accompany retaining walls of the same material. And Concord Wall is available in tapered units that can be used to build curved walls that yield to the natural shape of a landscape.

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Excellent Stability and High Quality

Unilock products are renowned for their dependability and strength. Concord Wall comes with the same guarantee. It is a budget-friendly option for creating functional, beautiful retaining walls. However, Concord Wall also bears its own unique properties that enhance its strength and reliability. With its built-in setback design, it automatically forms the correct slope. The XL units are often relied upon to create heavy-duty load-bearing walls.


Endless Potential

Due to its heavy-duty abilities and aesthetic versatility, Concord Wall can be used in a variety of applications. For example, the sandy Sierra color variation can be used to create a tall waterfall on the edge of a clear-blue pool that cascades into the water below. Here, the textured finish can be showcased to achieve a luxurious beachy aesthetic. This material is also well-suited to commercial applications, where it will be subjected to increased stress and cannot be repaired or replaced very often. Concord Wall is also an excellent candidate for areas where soil erosion is occuring on a grand scale and damage control is required.


Why Concord Wall Is a Favorite for Retaining Walls in Yorktown Heights, NY