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Why Choose the Look of Bluestone in Somers, NY?

Why Choose the Look of Bluestone in Somers, NY?
The title image features Richcliff pavers.


If you’re thinking about updating your outdoor living space and you’re wondering which materials to choose—specifically whether the look of bluestone belongs in your Somers, NY, landscape—here’s what you need to know about this character-filled stone and its alternatives.


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Before you decide that bluestone is a must-have in your outdoor living spaces, there are a few things to consider.


The Pros of Bluestone

Bluestone has a look you won’t forget. Since it’s a natural stone, each one is completely unique. No two stones, and therefore no two spaces, will ever be the same. This timeless stone pairs well with any architectural style, from rustic to ultramodern to “everyday suburban.” The stone is a true chameleon: it can be chic or rustic, sophisticated or casual, depending on the setting.


Aside from character, the main appeal of bluestone is its dramatic steel blue color, which often includes shades of gray, rust, chocolate, tan, green, or purple.

The Cons of Bluestone

Bluestone is a natural material and you might think it will last forever. However, because it’s a type of sandstone, it actually needs a fair bit of care. Left unsealed, it will spall (flake), which causes tripping hazards and looks terrible. This is less of a problem if bluestone is sealed regularly (and it should be sealed on the underside and sides as well to prevent water infiltration). When wet, bluestone becomes slippery, and its dark colors soak up the sun’s heat, which makes this stone less than ideal for pool decks.


Now that you know that bluestone is the look you want—but comes with shortcomings—here are a few amazing alternatives from Unilock that avoid all those downsides.


Bluestone Alternatives from Unilock

With concrete pavers from Unilock, you get the look of bluestone but with added practicality.


If you like the look of smaller pavers, consider Treo Premier. Its beveled edges, eight blended colors, and realistic textures give you the bluestone look. Of the eight colors, the choices to achieve a bluestone aesthetic include New York Blend, Fossil, Almond Grove and Steel Mountain. These can be installed individually, or you could blend colors on site for a random and natural look. The versatile paver can also be used for driveways for a unified look.


Beacon Hill Flagstone features a beautiful natural flagstone texture and beveled edges, but in a larger format than Treo (an XL rectangle is also available for a more expansive, clutter-free look). Almond Grove, New York Blend, Fossil, and Steel Mountain colors mimic the look of bluestone. They can be used individually or you could, again, blend colors onsite.


Bristol Valley pavers feature an easygoing yet more modern style with realistic blended colors and a zero bevel edge. On its own, the Steel Mountain color comes closest to natural bluestone, but it can be blended with New York Blend for a more random look. This paver is popular on patios and pool decks, thanks EasyClean technology, which prevents staining.


Richcliff pavers offer the most realistic bluestone look thanks to Reala technology, which takes casts from many real flagstones. You won’t see a repeating pattern, which means your outdoor space will have a completely random, natural look. Of the three available colors, Smoke Shale and Dawn Mist colors are closest to natural bluestone. You could use these individually or blended. When the Random Bundle is chosen, your Richcliff pavers could be used for all applications including pool decks, walkways, entryways, patios, and driveways.


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