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Stone vs. Pavers for Your Modern Backyard Remodel in Trenton, NJ


The title image features Umbriano patio pavers



When it’s time for a new outdoor living space, you may be wondering which materials will make the most sense for your Trenton, NJ, landscape, so that you’ll experience the ideal blend of beauty and function every time you step outside. In this post, we’ll explore stone vs. pavers for your modern backyard remodel.



What to Expect: Modern Landscape Remodels

Requests for creating a modern backyard today reflect a movement away from simple combinations of a wood deck and poured concrete patio or a vast expanse of lawn and lack of structure to define activity spaces. Today, backyard living closely mirrors indoor living in terms of quality of materials, design, and livability. Discerning homeowners don’t compromise on their home remodels, and today, they don’t compromise on landscape renovations, either.



Some Ideas for Natural Stone

Natural stone is the first building material and persists as a favorable choice for today’s landscapes. If you’re looking for unique character, then natural stone could be for you.


Natural stone from Unilock includes Sandstone and Limestone. Both types of stone have wonderful characteristics and colors that complement any modern landscape design. Available in several large sizes ranging from 12” x 24” to 24” x 36”, both Sandstone and Limestone can be used for a patio, walkways, pool surrounds, as well as steps.


For a chic and sophisticated outdoor space, choose the fine-grained cool grays of Unilock Limestone. For a warm, more rustic (or relaxed) space, choose Unilock Sandstone in one of the two warm colors, or for a classic New England/Mid-Atlantic oceanfront vibe, there’s the cool Stone Cliff Grey.



Some Ideas for Pavers

Concrete pavers are considered more versatile than natural stone in that they can be used on driveways, and come in a much broader range of colors, textures, and finishes. Pavers can be ideal for patios, walkways, and pool surrounds. Some can be installed on driveways, and some give the option of being installed on a permeable base.


Around the pool, you want materials that are both non-slip when wet, and impervious to pool chemicals. One wonderful choice is the sleek Umbriano paver. Its granite-like appearance adds an upscale look to the pool, and the very subtle pebbled texture is both barefoot- and swimsuit-friendly.


Achieve a charming and intimate look for a small patio using Mattoni pavers, which take their inspiration from classic Roman brick (but in a more chic profile and updated colors). These slender bricks feature gorgeous blended tones: Sable, Cocoa Brown, and Dark Charcoal. These colors can work well in modern applications if you love the look of brick but don’t want “brick red.”


Give a warm welcome to friends and family with Brussels Block pavers. These chunky pavers feature an antiqued patina for a relaxed feel on your outdoor living spaces and driveway. They’re the perfect textural contrast to smooth walls and teakwood decking. Use the Brussels Dimensional System to create a unified space with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, retaining walls, water features, outdoor kitchen walls, and pillars.


Whichever materials you choose—whether it’s a premium natural stone from Unilock or one of the dozens of pavers from Unilock, you’ll achieve a high-quality feature in your landscape that will give you many years of enjoyment.


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