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Stone Pavers That Set the Tone of an Outdoor Space in the Glen Allen, VA, Area


The title image features Unilock Natural Stone


A patio is going to see plenty of use year after year. The materials you choose need to be not only aesthetically pleasing but suited to the job. Here are options for stone pavers that set the tone of an outdoor space in the Glen Allen, VA, area.



Natural Stone


Natural stone is often a top choice for many homeowners because of the uniqueness of each stone and the incredible way that each individual stone comes together to create a harmonious whole, creating eye-catching patios, walkways, and pool surrounds.


Unilock Limestone features cool, sophisticated colors and understated patterns ideal for modern spaces. The warm and earthy tones of Unilock Sandstone, along with its inherent patterning (which ranges from very subtle to dramatic), makes this stone a top choice for rustic or relaxed outdoor living spaces.


Whether you choose Limestone or Sandstone, you can be sure your outdoor space will be one-of-a-kind. You can also rest assured that these stone choices were all selected for low water absorption and flexural strength. Any outdoor living space made using Unilock Natural Stone will stand the test of time.



Natural Stone Alternatives


In some cases, you may wish to explore the benefits of natural stone alternatives—concrete pavers. If you want a unified look throughout your hardscapes and use the same paving materials on your outdoor living spaces and driveway, then choose concrete pavers since natural stone slabs are not designed to be used on driveways.


Concrete patio pavers expand your color choices. They are also available in a greater variety of sizes, textures, and finishes.


Pavers can generally be categorized according to design style including contemporary, rustic, or traditional. Most homes fall roughly into one of these categories. However, if your home is a mix of several architectural styles, going with a simple neutral paver with minimal embellishment could be the way to go.





Contemporary outdoor design is often characterized by sleek, uncluttered spaces, minimal textures, neutral colors, a mix of materials, and large format pavers that deliver a soothing space free of visual clutter. The main contrasts often come between man-made elements such as textured grill stations and smooth pavers, and the natural surroundings. In some designs, the aim is to integrate the two spaces and blur the line. In other designs, the definition is clear and deliberate.


One paver that embraces the natural elements while integrating beautifully into a chic modern space is the granite-inspired Umbriano paver from Unilock. The smooth texture, rich character, and simple profile is right at home in a modern space, yet the use of real granite particles lends it a natural feel that integrates well into the surroundings.


Another paver that creates a modern vibe is the chic Arcana paver from Unilock. This 24” square over features a unique silky matte texture that is sure to give your outdoor space a distinctly upscale urban feel.





Achieve a relaxed atmosphere with textured pavers in warm earth tones. Rustic pavers tend to be smaller and feature edges with a hand-hewn look. To achieve a natural flagstone or bluestone look, you could randomly blend two or three paver colors on site. For example, Unilock Richcliff pavers—flagstone-inspired pavers that feature a hyper-realistic flagstone look—are available in Pebble Taupe, Smoke Shale, and Dawn Mist. You could combine Dawn Mist with either Pebble Taupe or Smoke Shale to achieve a gorgeous unique effect.





Traditional spaces often favor brick pavers, or granite- or limestone-inspired pavers. Depending on the space, you could choose brick pavers such as Copthorne from Unilock in keeping with the traditional atmosphere or a historical home. Or branch out with brick pavers in more modern colors and sizes such as the slender Mattoni or oversized Senzo.


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