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Picking the Right Pavers for Your Pool Deck in Smithtown, NY

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Now that the warm summer days are giving way to back-to-school activities and cooler temperatures, you may be looking at your Smithtown, NY, backyard in whole new light. It could in fact be the perfect time to plan and design a new pool area that will be the hub of family fun next summer. Choosing the pavers for your pool deck is one of the most important decisions in this project.



Safety First

Pool decks or hot tub surrounds must be safe when wet. Concrete pavers from Unilock feature non-slip surfaces, even on pavers with a smooth texture such as Beacon Hill Smooth or Skyline pavers from Unilock. You’ll notice a completely different feel from these two pavers.


Beacon Hill Smooth would give your pool deck a relaxed vibe with a warm flagstone appearance and casual laying patterns. Or use Skyline paves to create a chic modern pool deck with its large-format squares and neutral colors. Both pavers are barefoot- and swimsuit-friendly, yet offer a surefooted surface even when wet.



Ease of Maintenance

You want to spend more time relaxing and less time fussing with your pool deck, so choose pavers with EasyClean stain resistance to make cleanup a breeze and prevent food, beverages, and pool chemical spills from setting into stains. EasyClean is available as an option with Skyline pavers.


Other pavers that feature EasyClean include Umbriano and Arcana pavers from Unilock. Once again, the looks are very different, although both trend toward modern.


Umbriano pavers deliver an authentic mottled granite look thanks to ColorFusion technology, which randomly disperses real granite particles throughout the pavers. These catch the light in dramatic ways. Umbriano pavers also feature EnduraColor, which ensures long-wearing color. Umbriano pavers are available in a random bundle of three moderate sizes and shapes for easygoing laying patterns, and four gorgeous neutral colors that pair with any decorating style.


Arcana pavers are large-format 24” square pavers. Using larger pavers minimizes joint lines, which makes for a cleaner and more spacious pool deck. Like Umbriano pavers, Arcana pavers feature randomly dispersed stone particles for a truly unique look. This time, though, the look isn’t mottled, but satin-smooth thanks to a fine-blasted surface that exposes a combination of natural granite, quartz, and marble particles.



Durability and Longevity

After the summer fun is over and the pool is closed up for the season, you want to ensure your pool deck pavers won’t succumb to New York State’s freeze-thaw cycle. Rest easy knowing that all Unilock pavers are manufactured to easily withstand whatever Nature can throw at them. The pavers mentioned here are also abrasion-resistant, which means no worries about scrapes from sun umbrellas and patio furniture being dragged around.


A beautiful pool deck is a big investment and we are committed to providing you with the best pavers to suit not only your design aesthetic, but also your lifestyle. Unilock pavers offer superior safety, functionality, durability, and of course beauty you are looking for.


Learn more about the many reasons to choose Unilock on our Learn and Plan page, and get the ideas rolling on your amazing new pool deck!




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