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Not All Pavers Are the Same: Choosing the Right Pavers for Your Driveway in Fruitland, MD


The title image features Eco-Prioria driveway pavers.


Does your driveway need an update? For unbeatable visual appeal and surprising practicality, consider quality driveway pavers. But keep in mind that not all pavers are the same: Choosing the right pavers for your driveway in Fruitland, MD, starts with an understanding of the differences between patio pavers and driveway pavers.


The most prominent difference between a patio paver and a driveway paver is thickness. Driveway pavers need to support not only the weight of personal vehicles, but also RVs and delivery trucks, while patio pavers could potentially crack under these loads. 


Unilock offers a range of pavers specifically designed for driveway use. 


Some, like Richcliff, give your driveway the relaxed look of natural flagstone. These luxury pavers feature a hyper-realistic flagstone texture and blended colors, and you can use Richcliff throughout your hardscapes. Treo Premier and Westport pavers round out the collection that will give your driveway a warm and rustic appeal. Each paver has a unique appeal. Treo Premier pavers give you the rugged look of Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers but in a driveway-friendly size, and Westport pavers feature EasyClean technology, to prevent stains from automotive oils and other chemicals.


Some pavers give your driveway the timeless look of brick. Copthorne is inspired by timeworn European street pavers; Eco-Priora is a brick-inspired paver designed for permeable driveways; Holland Premier adds visual interest with a beveled edge; Mattoni gives your driveway an antiqued yet incredibly modern appeal; Series pavers feature a uniquely pebbled texture that results from randomly dispersed natural granite and quartz aggregates; and Town Hall pavers (inspired by vintage North American street pavers) give you the option of traditional or permeable installation.


Aside from flagstone- and brick-inspired pavers, Unilock offers a selection of pavers that give your driveway personality. 


The Hex Paver features the classic honeycomb shape, and since the paver is offered in a variety of colors and finishes, your driveway could be as dynamic or subtle as you like—you could mix and match colors and finishes, or keep things simple with one selection.


Courtstone pavers can be used as the main field of the driveway, or as a charming accent. They feature a lovely timeworn sheen and irregular surface that makes them look hand-hewn. Under the surface, the pavers are designed to fit together snugly for an extremely durable driveway. On a larger scale, Tribeca Cobble pavers give your driveway a classic old-world charm, and these pavers can also be installed on a permeable base. 


Umbriano pavers would give your driveway a sleek and modern look thanks to randomly dispersed real granite particles. The smooth texture can be an ideal complement to traditional and contemporary homes.


Artline pavers can give your driveway unprecedented design flexibility. The paver comes in a random bundle of several lengths, as well as a choice of finishes: Like the Hex Paver, you could keep things simple with one finish, or mix and match to create a one-of-a-kind driveway.


A Note on Permeability


Choosing permeable pavers for your driveway (Eco-Priora, Hex, Town Hall, and Tribeca Cobble) helps to prevent surface water from running off onto your landscaping or overwhelming the storm drain system. These pavers feature larger joint spaces and are installed on a base that allows water to seep through. It’s a great eco-friendly option that also happens to look incredibly beautiful.


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