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Landscape Design Themes and Pavers That Suit Them in Brewster, NY


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A design theme is a big choice that directly affects the feel of the landscape. To make the choice less overwhelming, here are some landscape design themes to consider and the pavers that suit them in Brewster, NY.




Personalizing the Project


No matter which theme you choose, you can put your unique stamp on your project with awesome paver choices.


Start by identifying your needs. Clarify how you want to use the space on a daily basis. Everyone entertains at some point, but unless you entertain weekly, you don’t have to center your theme around entertaining. If you secretly just want to hang out under the shade of a pergola, then you have an opportunity to make that happen. Always be true to yourself when you’re having a space designed for yourself. Of course you’ll want to integrate the needs of the whole family—and it’s all doable if you begin by being authentic about your needs.


A well-designed landscape is a beautiful combination of function and aesthetics. How do you want to feel when you’re on your patio? Do you want your patio to feel more like a rustic retreat or a luxury spa? Do you enjoy formal spaces or do you feel more at ease in a relaxed natural setting? Do you prefer the look of modern materials such as smooth concrete, or do you love the look of natural stone’s textures?


Your physical and emotional needs will drive your design theme; your home, too, could serve as inspiration. You could have the style of the home echoed in the design of your outdoor living spaces. Contemporary homes don’t always have a defined style, which can make it more challenging to choose a theme.




A Formal, Luxurious Space


Up-level your landscape with sophisticated touches like adding sleek retaining walls to create additional seating and define spaces. Use the 24”x24” square Skyline pavers from Unilock to create a clean look with minimal joint lines and a formal laying pattern—either on the diagonal or parallel to the home.


The U-Cara Multi-face Wall System from Unilock can be the perfect complement to a formal patio. This wall system is built around options that give you the look of rustic chiseled stone, smooth tile, and several textured finishes—as well as numerous colors to perfectly complement the shade of the paver you choose.




A Relaxed Yet Vibrant Retreat


What do you think of when you think about your backyard? If it’s a combination of raucous good fun with the kids and chilling with a cool beverage and a good book, then the look of flagstone could be the ideal choice to give your patio the magical combination of visual interest and practicality.


Flagstone may be a relaxed look, but it works well for both rustic and modern spaces. The gorgeous texture and blended colors of Unilock Richcliff pavers can go exceptionally well with the Rivercrest Wall for a rustic landscape reminiscent of your favorite mountain getaway. If you prefer a slightly less textured approach, substitute Lineo Dimensional Stone to create gorgeous walls, pillars, grill stations—for a more modern approach that gives the vertical and horizontal elements of your patio a distinct feel.

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