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Keep a Pool Deck in Huntington Bay, NY, Safe With These 3 Tips


The title image features Umbriano pavers.


Your backyard pool can become the center of fun, exercise, and relaxation throughout the warm summer months. As always, safety is the first priority. Many pool-related accidents don’t happen in the pool itself, but in the surrounding pool deck. Here are some tips for keeping a pool deck safe in Huntington Bay, NY.


All pavers are not created equal and not all are suitable for poolside use. Pool decks require the following characteristics to be safe for young and old alike.



A Dry, Non-slip Surface


“No running” is probably the most common rule for pool decks, but whenever water collects on a surface, it creates an oily film that can be hazardous even if you’re walking slowly. For that reason, choose pavers that are non-slip when wet for surfaces by your pool.


Beacon Hill Smooth from Unilock is a popular paver for pool decks. The warm flagstone look fits with any decor, and its smooth texture is simultaneously non-slip and swimsuit-friendly. Sold in a random bundle of three different sizes, you could go with an easygoing ashlar pattern. Or you could create a more expansive and sleek pool deck by choosing the XL rectangle.


How can pavers be dry when they’re around a pool? While you can’t do much to prevent kids from splashing, you can ensure that the surface they splash water on won’t stay wet. Pavers that can be installed on a permeable base will help your pool deck dry faster. The joint spaces between these pavers are slightly larger, allowing water to percolate to the ground below (naturally replenishing the aquifer).


Choose the fun Hex Paver for a lively pool deck—its hexagonal honeycomb shape is available in a variety of finishes and tones. Or choose Treo Permeable pavers for a classic-looking pool deck with a flagstone look. Eco-Promenade permeable pavers could also be used on a pool deck with chic, modern flair.





Pool decks need to be hard-wearing surfaces not affected by chlorine or salt (depending on your poor type), other pool chemicals, UV rays, and even the constant presence of water. The freeze-thaw cycle can damage certain materials in the off-season, so that is another concern when choosing materials to construct a pool deck. Chemicals can etch some surfaces, revealing rough aggregates. Fortunately, Unilock pavers are designed to last many decades, despite those dangers, with little maintenance required other than occasional sweeping.


Unilock concrete pavers feature low water absorption, which means they are virtually impervious to the freeze-thaw cycle. They won’t flake or crack like natural flagstone, which will absorb water and eventually cause flaking. Some Unilock pavers including Skyline pavers feature EnduraColor technology, which prevents degradation by UV rays and chemicals. This large format (24” square) paver can be ideal for sophisticated modern spaces.



Stain Resistance


Part of what makes a paver safe is its ability to repel stains, which are often slippery (not to mention a source of hazardous bacteria). Pavers that feature EasyClean Stain Resistance ensure that dirt, leaves, chemicals, spilled food and beverages, sunscreen, household chemicals, deicing salts, or other compounds won’t set into stains. Just wipe and go—for a wonderfully easy-going summer. Umbriano pavers offer a sleek modern look with the luxurious appearance of granite.


Check out the Unilock Dream page for more pool deck paver inspiration. You could also talk to your Unilock Authorized Contractor about recommendations for favorite pool-friendly pavers.


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