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Creating Contrast: How to Think About Accents When Choosing Paving Stones in Glen Cove, NY


The title image features Mattoni accent pavers and Copthorne field pavers.



To add visual interest to an outdoor space, consider adding contrast. Here are some tips on creating contrast when choosing paving stones in Glen Cove, NY.


First, there are several approaches to contrast: It can be very bold and dramatic, or it could be subtle and sophisticated. And you can also create contrast not just with colors, but with texture.


Here, we’ll talk about mixing materials (natural stone and patio pavers) as well as some gorgeous patio paver combinations.


Bold Contrast with Sandstone and Brick


The warm hues of brick pavers such as Copthorne in Burgundy Red, Old Oak, or Burnt Clay are a natural fit for the soft pinkish-tans of natural Sandstone from Unilock in Autumn Harvest or Indian Coast. 


Another wonderful combination could be Copthorne in Basalt or Mattoni (slender brick pavers) in Dark Charcoal alongside Sandstone in Stone Cliff Grey.


Subtle Contrast with Sandstone and Brick


Achieve a more subtle and sophisticated contrast with sandstone in Autumn Harvest or Indian Coast and Mattoni slender brick pavers in Sable. Or Mattoni pavers in Granite could offer a subtle contrast to Sandstone in Stone Cliff Grey.


Bold Textural Contrast with Richcliff and Cobblestones


If you want the ultimate in realistic bluestone-inspired pavers, look no further than Richcliff pavers. Pair the texture of Richcliff with the buffed finish of timeworn cobblestones such as Courtstone for an eclectic mix of rustic and traditional. Some fabulous color pairings could include Richcliff in Smoke Shale and Courtstone in Basalt for a very subtle and sophisticated look.


Subtle Textural Contrast with Town Hall and Courtstone


It doesn’t get much more traditional than pairing bricks and cobblestones, two materials that have stood the test of time in roads, sidewalks, and plazas all over the world. Town Hall pavers are more substantial in size than Copthorne, and they can also be installed on a permeable base to allow surface water to drain away rather than pooling or running off. They are also rated for driveway use which lets you create an absolutely stunning entry experience for your guests: as they drive up a Town Hall driveway bordered with Courtstone cobbles… and the theme is echoed on a narrow and winding Town Hall/Courtstone walkway culminating in a beautiful entry court.


Dramatic Textural Contrast with Town Hall and Tribeca Cobble


Adding an apron to your driveway makes a dramatic design statement. One popular combination is to use either Town Hall pavers or Tribeca Cobble pavers in the main field, and the other paver as the accent. Both are substantially sized, but Tribeca Cobble features a raised profile (like natural stone cobbles) as well as cooler colors that really pop next to the warm tones of Town Hall.


Built-In Mixed-Finish Contrast in One Paver 


Artline pavers are available in random bundles of seven paver lengths. They are also available in a range of finishes and colors. This lets you use the same paver in any combination you like: a traditional field-and-border combination, or a random mix of colors and finishes throughout the project for a dynamic effect.


Subtle Contrast Using One Paver Style


Any paver can be used in a subtle border combination that uses the same color throughout the main field as well as the border. The border is created by using a different laying pattern than the main field. Rectangular pavers such as Mattoni could be ideal for this application. You could, for example, lay Mattoni pavers in a herringbone pattern in the main field, and then use a soldier bond pattern (side-by-side) for the border.


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