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7 Rustic Paving Options for the Look of Stones in Edgewood, MD


The title image features Treo Premier pavers



You’ll have to look more than once to discern high-quality concrete pavers from natural stone. If you’re considering natural stone for your outdoor renovation but want more color, texture, and finish options, here are seven rustic paving options for the look of stones in Edgewood, MD.



Pavers Inspired by Flagstone and Bluestone

Certain Unilock pavers feature Reala technology, which takes casts from a multitude of different natural flagstone textures. The benefit of this technology is that you’ll never see a repeating pattern, and the texture of each paver will look and feel like the real thing.


Richcliff pavers from Unilock could be considered the ultimate high-end flagstone/bluestone alternative. When two or three of the available colors are blended randomly onsite, you can be sure that the result will look just as unique as a natural stone project. Richcliff pavers are ideally suited for use on a patio, walkway, pool surround, or even driveway (thanks to Ultima concrete technology, which gives these pavers up to four times the strength of poured concrete). This incredibly versatile paver looks great in any setting.


For a diminutive outdoor living space, consider Treo Premier pavers. Their smaller size can be the ideal choice for driveways and smaller patios. Blending two or three of the eight available colors will result in the visual randomness achieved by a natural stone patio.




Rustic Pavers Inspired by Limestone and Sandstone

Both limestone and sandstone are classic building materials that have been in use all over the world for millennia. Many people love the look of tumbled stone, which brings a wonderful relaxed feeling to an outdoor space. Two pavers from Unilock give you the look of tumbled limestone or sandstone: Brussels Block and Camelot pavers. Brussels Block pavers have an antiqued appearance that could be ideal for a Mediterranean-inspired backyard. Camelot pavers feature an antiqued finish as well, but their slightly more rounded edges are reminiscent of old-world cobblestones.




Rustic Pavers Inspired by Granite

Granite countertops are popular both indoors and out. Thanks to the unique speckled characteristics of granite, it’s no wonder that this stone is also great underfoot. Granito pavers from Unilock can be just what a tired backyard needs, with their bold patterns and trendy hexagonal shape that is hugely popular for both pedestrian and vehicular applications.




Rustic Permeable Pavers Inspired by Flagstone

For homeowners who want a more eco-friendly hardscape and the charm of flagstone, look no further than Thornbury pavers. Thornbury features a dramatic surface texture that is absolutely gorgeous in the low light of morning and evening. The smaller scale of these pavers makes them ideal for smaller patios, walkways, and pool decks. But their real benefit is that they can be installed on a permeable base, which can make for a stunning yet eco-friendly driveway that resists ice buildup and runoff. A larger joint space between units contributes to a more rustic look and allows water to easily flow through to the surface.




Rustic Permeable Pavers Inspired by Cobblestones

Tribeca Cobble pavers from Unilock would give your driveway the wonderfully chunky look of old-world granite cobblestones. Real granite, marble, and quartz particles contribute to this paver’s random, natural appearance. Tribeca Cobble pavers can be installed traditionally or, for a more eco-friendly driveway, on a permeable base. Though perhaps not ideal for patios where you want a perfectly level surface for sturdy furniture placement, Tribeca Cobble pavers are a great choice for driveways, to add to your home’s stately look.


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