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5 Textured Pavers That Beautifully Reflect Outdoor Lighting in Arlington, VA


The title image features Beacon Hill Flagstone


Outdoor lighting is all about the interplay of light and shadow after dark. Illuminating vertical features from above or below, or horizontal features from the side, will highlight textures for dramatic effect. Here are five textured pavers that beautifully reflect outdoor lighting in Arlington, VA.


Beacon Hill Flagstone Pavers


Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers from Unilock are inspired by natural cut flagstone. Their realistic blended colors and subtle barefoot-friendly texture will give your patio, walkways, or pool deck a relaxed feel that works just as well with contemporary or traditional homes. The versatility of Beacon Hill Flagstone makes it an easy paver choice for patios, pool decks, and walkways, and driveways—even if your home’s architecture defies a particular style.


Beacon Hill Flagstone can also be used as a border or accent on vertical features. As well, the thicker 80mm size can handle vehicular loads, which allows you to create a unified look throughout your landscape. Beacon Hill Flagstone is available in Steel Mountain, New York Blend, Almond Grove, Sierra, Tuscany, and Fossil.


Il Campo Pavers


Il Campo pavers from Unilock are oversized 8” x 16” pavers with flair. The unique surface treatment features angular brush lines for interesting shadows and highlights in early or late natural light, or in evening lighting conditions. This slip-resistant paver is ideal for walkways and can be used for banding and accents in vertical features such as walls or outdoor kitchen islands. Choose from two neutrals: Sandstone Light for a warm and relaxed look or Granite for a cool, sophisticated effect.


Eco-Promenade Pavers


If you enjoy the brushed finish of Il Campo but want more options, the Eco-Promenade paver from Unilock features a slender 3” x 12” shape and is intended to be installed as a permeable paver, which makes it a more eco-conscious choice for both walkways and driveways.


Courtstone Pavers


The raised, rounded profile of Courtstone pavers creates dramatic shadows at night. Its soft sheen also reflects light, creating unparalleled romance. A range of five sizes gives you exactly the look you’re looking for if you want to add a charming old-world cobblestone appeal to your landscape. Choose from Pebble Taupe, Dawn Mist, Belgian Blue, and Basalt.


Courtstone pavers are popular as the main field on driveways and walkways, or as accents and borders alongside both smooth and textured pavers.


Richcliff Pavers


Richcliff pavers from Unilock offer perhaps the most unique and realistic flagstone texture of any Unilock paver, thanks to Reala Technology that uses casts taken from real flagstones. These pavers feature three colors: Pebble Taupe, Smoke Shale, and Dawn Mist. If your outdoor living space calls for the character of bluestone, you can blend Smoke Shale and Dawn Mist randomly on-site to achieve a realistic and random bluestone look.


This versatile paver looks amazing in low light or when illuminated at night. Richcliff is available in random bundles of three sizes (two different rectangles and a square) for a relaxed pattern, or a new large rectangle, which can be ideal for expansive, modern applications. Richcliff is suitable for use in all pedestrian applications as well as on your driveway. Ultima Concrete technology ensures that Richcliff is up to four times stronger than conventional poured concrete.


For more inspiration and to see these wonderful pavers in real applications, visit the Unilock Dream page or connect with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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