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5 Patio Designs that Wow!

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Whether looking to give your outdoor patio space a much needed update, or planning to install a brand new backyard oasis from scratch, it’s important to consider the design of your outdoor space as a whole. The success or failure of a landscaping project is often defined by its cohesiveness, meaning that each element, from hardscaping to finishing accessories, should be complimentary. Not sure how to piece together a patio design that will wow your friends and neighbors? Spark your imagination with these 5 patio design ideas to create a unified style for your landscape.

  1. A Living, Breathing Room

Have you ever stepped into a space so beautifully filled with the sights, textures, and smells of nature, you couldn’t help but stand in awe? Recreate this serene feeling right on your patio by keeping the ambiance as organic as possible. Select natural stone products like those offered in the Unilock Natural Stone collection or earthy concrete pavers like our Brussels Block product to underlie your garden oasis. Warm, earthy tones reminiscent of rich brown soil, lush green trees, soft moss, and sturdy stone evoke an inviting, yet protective setting. Make your nature-inspired patio design especially wow-worthy with a rustic wooden pergola, embellishing the structure with a blanket of climbing vines and hanging planters. Keep cool and refresh your patio’s air quality with a bubbling fountain or standalone waterfall constructed from concrete retaining wall stone with naturalistic texturing such as Unilock Rivercrest Wall. Finally, choose furniture which blends well with the abundance of organic material and plant life, such as repurposed wooden chairs or an ornate wrought iron table.

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  1. Patio Design as a Work of Art

Unravel expectations not only by incorporating creative pieces into your patio, but treating the space itself as a work of art. Set an industrial tone with clean lined concrete pavers—think Beacon Hill Smooth here— which provide a smooth, neutral surface to highlight playful accents in various colors and shapes. Integrate sleek metallic or wooden features, such as planters, retaining walls, and privacy screens throughout for design continuity. Plants should be used sparingly, but in bold style: think visually interesting architectural shapes and dramatic ornamental grasses for artful contrasts.

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  1. Totally Oriental

For a patio design that wows, draw inspiration from the Far East. Stone and wood flooring, whether real or recreated using concrete pavers, work beautifully in an Asian-themed outdoor space, offering a polished, orderly surface underfoot. Structural elements, such as an eye-catching pergola, and stone wall decor provide oriental ambiance. Carved wooden paneling and living bamboo walls compliment the clean lines of this patio design while offering desirable privacy. Opt for soft lighting, delicate natural stone accessories, and water features for a truly authentic feel.

  1. Summertime, Anytime

Create endless summer on your patio with a beach-y, breezy design style. Go for light-colored natural stone like Unilock Sandstone in Autumn Harvest color, bringing about the feeling of sand under bare feet, and leave grass borders between tiles for added textural interest. A neutral color palette characterizes this patio design. If your outdoor space includes a ceiling, create a spacious, airy feel by painting it a beautiful sky blue color. Crisp white walls and lattices contribute to the beachside effect, as do coastal plants which can withstand an array of climates, such as seaside daisy and beach strawberry. Wicker chairs set in front of a vibrant patterned rug create relaxed atmosphere. Or, keep it classic with a “chandelier” made of rustic iron and mason jars arranged in a circular fashion. A long glass top table is perfect for accommodating visitors to your beachy abode.

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  1. Rustic Garden Look

Want to bring garden-style ambiance to your patio? Lay the groundwork with smooth concrete pavers or hardwood decking, surrounding the space with picket fencing and rows of clipped hedges. Incorporate living and manmade features for privacy, such as a tall wooden terrace dotted with a constellation of container herbs. Boulders, potted plants, and tasteful flower- or animal-shaped accessories contribute to this fresh patio design. Basket weave furniture and decorative or functional pieces made of tree trunks also work beautifully. Want a truly unique experience? Construct a homey porch swing for playful comfort, any time of day.
Remember that when designing the perfect outdoor living space, cohesion is essential. Don’t hesitate to move, take out, or add elements until you achieve the right balance that’s perfect for your home’s setting. Most importantly, have fun with your patio design—when done right, a patio truly can extend your home into the great outdoors.

Paver Patio Designs, Unilock Landscape Contractors in NY, NJ, PA, CT


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