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5 Landscape Design Ideas Using Small Format Pavers in East Hampton, NY

5 Landscape Design Ideas Using Small Format Pavers in East Hampton, NY

The title image features Brussels Block driveway pavers.


If you’re ready to give your outdoor living spaces a touch of personality, consider choosing small format pavers from Unilock. Small pavers aren’t just for borders, accents, or inlays. They have their own unique charms. Here are five landscape design ideas using small format pavers in East Hampton, NY.



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Often, it’s not easy to choose a theme for your outdoor spaces. Your home may be formal, but you may not want all of your hardscapes to be formal. Or you may have a home that’s surrounded by natural landscaping, and you want to give it a bit of structure. You can achieve both using small format pavers.


Richcliff pavers are available in a random bundle of three modest sizes. This allows for a relaxed feel using an ashlar laying pattern, which can be perfect for patios, driveways, pool decks, and walkways. It’s the most popular pattern to use when you want to give your outdoor living spaces a more relaxed feel. The exquisite natural flagstone surface of Richcliff pavers gives your hardscape warmth and interest—and four times the strength of poured concrete.



A home surrounded by rock gardens, boulders, wooded areas, or meadows can benefit from more structured hardscape areas. It’s true, small pavers shine when you want to add structure or a bit of formality to your landscape. Mattoni pavers give you the charm of weathered brick but in a delightfully memorable slender look that looks leaner and more chic than regular brick shapes. Mattoni pavers are perfect for a curved running bond walkway, herringbone patio. Their distressed finish blends in with a more rugged landscape, but precise laying patterns offer structure that helps to keep the landscape from being disheveled.



Small pavers are ideal for curved spaces: and you don’t have to stick with just brick to create curves that guide the eye, define spaces, or follow the contours of the land. Marry the tumbled, weathered look of Brussels Block with the timeworn sheen of Copthorne pavers. The main field can be made using the standard, half, and XL sizes of Brussels Block laid in any of 21 different laying patterns for a look that’s uniquely yours—and the curves on the outside of the patio (or within the patio, as a dramatic accent) can be accentuated by Copthorne pavers in a contrasting color, laid in a visually substantial side by side pattern.



Small pavers don’t have to be used exclusively in small spaces. Large patios and driveways can often feel overwhelming, and using small pavers can visually break up the space and add interest and texture. For a chic modern look, choose Artline. Artline pavers are available in a variety of rectangular shapes of different lengths and widths. These pavers are most commonly laid in a running bond pattern of alternating widths (one row of narrow, one row of wide, etc.), and you can also vary the lengths within each row. You can also mix the Smooth and Umbriano Mottled finishes to keep the eye engaged and not wandering aimlessly around the space.



Inlays and accents are another wonderful way to use small pavers. Create an outdoor “rug” around a seating or dining area using your regular patio pavers in the center of the “rug” at a 45 degree angle to the main field; then a band of Copthorne pavers; and finished on the outside with a row of Courtstone cobblestone pavers.

Get inspired on the many ways you can use small pavers throughout your landscape in the Unilock Dream page, or contact your local Unilock Authorized Contractor to learn more!



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