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5 Excellent Paver Options for Shabby Chic Outdoor Kitchens in Collegeville, PA


The title image features Brussels Block patio pavers and Brussels Dimensional System


Enjoying cooking and sharing meals on an easygoing patio could be a welcome relief from the stresses and fast pace of modern life. A design style called “shabby chic” could be just right for your home. Here are five excellent paver options for shabby chic outdoor kitchens in Collegeville, PA.



What Is Shabby Chic?


Shabby chic is a style where items and building materials are chosen for their antiqued appearance. These could be old, with authentic weathering, or they could be new and intentionally distressed to achieve a well-worn appearance.


There are few rules when it comes to shabby chic, other than choosing pavers with a weathered or naturalistic texture. You also want to look for materials that feature depth of color and/or blended colors. In general, sleek, monochromatic pavers look too “new” to pair well with this design style.


If you find a paver that is available in several compatible colors (such as the Copthorne pavers mentioned below) you could blend them on site for a wonderfully random and hand-selected appeal.



Tumbled Pavers from Unilock


Pavers that mimic the look of tumbled quarry stone can be ideal for a shabby chic living space. They give your patio the look of an old Mediterranean patio that is typically crowded with friends and family gathering together to share meals and great conversation. Tumbled pavers look as though they’ve been there forever, and their relaxed appearance means you don’t have to fuss about keeping them pristine.


Brussels Block could be the ideal easygoing tumbled paver for shabby chic outdoor kitchens. Choose from Limestone, Sierra, New York Blend, Sandstone, or Almond Grove to complement your home.


Camelot pavers feature slightly rounded corners for a softer look reminiscent of cobblestones yet plenty level enough for easy placement of patio furniture. Visually, they offer the perfect blend of tumbled pavers and traditional brick. Camelot pavers are available in Granite, Rustic Red, Midnight Charcoal, Sierra, and Almond Grove.



Weathered Brick


The look of weathered brick that has seen centuries of traffic could be a great addition to your outdoor kitchen. Unilock offers two styles of antiqued brick ideal for both modern and traditional spaces.


Mattoni pavers are long and slender. Their more delicate proportions and earthy colors (including Cocoa Brown, Sable, and Dark Charcoal) can be ideal for chic, modern spaces yet they will not give your space a fussy, high-maintenance feel. Instead, Mattoni pavers will effortlessly give your space a shabby chic look when laid in the traditional herringbone pattern (a traditional laying pattern).


Copthorne pavers feature an antiqued patina as well, but it is one with a slight weathered sheen that pairs perfectly with traditional homes. Copthorne is available in three traditional brick colors including Burgundy Red, Old Oak, and Burnt Clay, which can be used on their own or blended together for a unique look. Copthorne is also available in Steel Blue and Basalt, which are dramatic colors that can give an outdoor kitchen a modern flair.



Rustic Flagstone


Beacon Hill Flagstone from Unilock is a wonderful addition to a shabby chic outdoor kitchen. Inspired by natural flagstone, the paver features blended colors and a texture that offers barefoot comfort. Choose from Steel Mountain, Almond Grove, New York Blend, Fossil, Sierra, or Tuscany. The paver is available in a random bundle of three relatively large sizes as well as an XL rectangle for plenty of design options.


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