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4 Tips for Matching Your Patio Pavers to Your Home in Westport, CT


The title image features Artline and Lineo Dimensional Stone


Every home has a unique character. Whether yours is brand-new or has been historically landmarked, the patio pavers you choose can do a lot to bring out the home’s character and charm. Since many contemporary homes are a blend of various architectural styles, you may face a challenge in choosing the right pavers. To simplify the process and get you the results you want, here are four tips for matching your patio pavers to your Westport, CT, home.


The Modern Paver Patio

A home and landscape with a modern aesthetic may incorporate multiple materials, minimalistic decor, neutral colors, and straight lines.


This aesthetic can be complemented by using large format patio pavers, which give a feeling of less visual clutter and complete the patio with a crisp and clean finish. A Unilock paver such as Arcana has a stunning matte sheen, thanks to fine-blasted real granite, quartz, and marble particles. Arcana pavers can be used for walkways and pool decks as well as the patio, and their unique mix of simplicity and complexity is aligned with the minimalist ideals of the contemporary look.


You can also bring more warmth to a modern patio with the use of warmer toned and more rustic textured pavers such as Beacon Hill Flagstone from Unilock. Contrasting the contemporary look will ramp up the visual drama of the home’s exterior and the landscape.


A Rustic Patio

The rustic aesthetic focuses on achieving harmony with nature. A rustic patio or walkway can effectively support the look of many different types of homes, either complementing or contrasting the architectural styles. Lines are less rigid, and the colors and texture mirror the existing landscape. The overall look is durable, timeless, and relaxed.


Unilock Richcliff pavers are the ultimate in realistic flagstone-inspired pavers, especially if you blend two or three colors (Pebble Taupe, Dawn Mist, and Smoke Shale) randomly on-site to achieve a natural look. These patio pavers can help bring a relaxed appeal to a sophisticated landscape design.


A Traditional Patio

The size of the pavers you choose, as well as colors and textures, greatly affects the general feel of the outdoor living space. Traditional brick-style pavers amplify the cozy feeling with their warm colors and weathered textures. But if “brick red” isn’t your style, you could opt for a larger format brick shape in more contemporary colors, such as the dramatic Artline paver. The long, clean lines and random bundle of seven different rectangular shapes of varying lengths, along with two finish options, mean you can create a subtle or dynamic space with this paver.


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