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4 Technologies That Improve the Strength and Aesthetic of Unilock Pavers in New Brunswick, NJ


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Investing in your landscape is a smart choice that will boost your home’s curb appeal and, most importantly, your ability to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Beauty and function are important considerations for pavers—and so is durability. Here are four technologies that improve the strength and aesthetic of Unilock pavers in New Brunswick, NJ.


The following technologies will ensure that your pavers will stand the test of time.



Ultima Concrete Technology


If you are using pavers for a driveway, you probably want to choose pavers that feature Ultima Concrete Technology from Unilock, which gives pavers up to four times the strength of conventional poured concrete.


Add historic flair to your landscape with Copthorne or Town Hall pavers, which are inspired by old-world and historic North American clay street pavers. Copthorne pavers are smaller, perfect for intimate patios and walkways. Town Hall pavers are larger to visually balance spacious homes and landscapes. With each, you can achieve a stunning custom look by randomly blending several of the available colors on site.

Courtstone pavers give your driveway or walkway the character-filled look of timeworn cobblestones. Courtstone pavers also make a dramatic accent or border alongside most Unilock pavers.



Reala Technology


\With Reala technology, you’ll never see repeating patterns. Reala technology uses casts taken from many different natural stones; and since the pavers are available in random bundles, the selection of textures will be random as well. You’ll notice the beautiful textures—which are barefoot-friendly for poolside use—and you’ll be charmed by the completely natural feel of these remarkable pavers.


The popular Richcliff paver is manufactured using this technology. This exceptional flagstone-textured paver will give your driveway and outdoor living spaces a wonderfully relaxed yet elegant feel. This paver is sought-after by homeowners who want to replicate the look of bluestone without the hassles associated with this stone. Combine two of the available colors to achieve an authentic bluestone look.





On pavers that will be used in high-demand areas like outdoor kitchens or driveways, you want to be sure the colors won’t fade and that minor scratches, such as those created from dragged patio furniture, won’t mar the appearance.


EnduraColor is a two-step manufacturing process that uses a bed of coarse aggregates on the bottom of each paver for a durable foundation that ensures durability with a layer of concentrated color along with dense, wear-resistant finer aggregates on top. In the unlikely event that the paver becomes scratched or chipped, the coarse aggregates wouldn’t show through. And remember, you can replace damaged pavers without affecting the rest.


Beacon Hill Smooth is a fresh and modern take on rustic flagstone with its rich, blended colors but in a smoother texture. This paver adds character to contemporary patios but still maintains a sleek look.



EasyClean Stain Resistance


We know you want to spend more time enjoying your patio than cleaning up spills. Thanks to EasyClean, you can rest easy, even if spills involve acidic foods like ketchup, household chemicals, or de-icing salts. Umbriano pavers are a chic paver popular in modern landscapes. These granite-look paver features real granite particles and graduated color for a visually stunning appearance; and, all you need to do is wipe up spills, knowing they won’t stain the surface.



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