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4 Ideas for a Beachy Pool Deck in Middletown, PA


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If you’ve been dreaming about your favorite beach destination and want to recreate the same feeling you get there for your own backyard, a few upgrades around the pool could be the answer. With the right materials, your landscape can be transformed into a private getaway that will keep your family and friends entertained all summer. To inspire your project, here are four tips for a beachy pool deck in Middletown, PA.


Choose the Right Pavers for Your Poolscape

Achieve a resort-like atmosphere with minimally textured (yet non-slip) pavers such as Umbriano pavers from Unilock. Umbriano pavers are ideally suited for a modern space, and you’ll appreciate the EasyClean stain resistance technology, which allows you to spend more time relaxing in a carefree space that’s unaffected by pool chemicals or food and beverage spills. Choose the largest paver size for a seamless look, or create more texture using the smaller sizes. What makes this paver stand out is its unique variegated aesthetic, which is achieved by using real granite particles dispersed throughout the paver; these particles catch the light to remind you of the sparkle you can only find at the seaside.


Arcana pavers from Unilock also deliver on the beachy theme, especially three of the available colors (the buff Lugano, the white-sand Modena, and the lava-sand Corvara). The unique speckled surface features a non-slip silky matte texture that reveals a combination of natural granite, quartz, and marble particles for that elusive seaside-like sparkle. Enjoy the large format for a clean, uncluttered look, and relax knowing that EasyClean will prevent long-term effects from accidental spills and messes.


Know That Natural Stone Is an Option

If you love the incredible character of natural stone, then opt for Sandstone from Unilock. Either of the two available colors—Autumn Harvest or Indian Coast—are ideal for a sandy-colored beach-themed backyard. Finish the look with rounded coping such as Brussels Fullnose Coping from Unilock or natural stone coping if you prefer squared or chiseled edges.


Factor in Shelter and Warmth Needs

You’ll find yourself spending a lot more time outdoors enjoying your pool if you have somewhere to escape the heat or to warm up after a refreshing swim.


A poolside pergola set atop masonry pillars creates an elegant escape from the hot summer sun. Complement Umbriano or Arcana pavers with Lineo Dimensional Stone for a smooth, modern look, or Rivercrest Wall for a rustic look reminiscent of rugged seaside cliffs. Add a bar underneath the pergola complete with a beverage cooler to minimize trips to the house. This bar can feature the same wall systems as the pergola pillars, a retaining wall, or a fire feature for a cohesive look. Add some string lights to finish the festive look, and you’re all set for a summer of fun.


Nothing is more memorable than a nighttime bonfire on the beach. The Sunset Fire Pit from Unilock is a simple way to add a fire pit to your pool deck, or you can also use Lineo Dimensional Stone or Rivercrest Wall to create a custom fire pit in a shape and size that works for your space.


Complete the Look

While it’s wonderful to have plantings near the pool both for visual appeal and privacy, you also don’t want a lot of plant material and debris making its way into the water. An option for minimizing this issue is to use raised masonry planters around your pool, which can be filled with lush tropical plants, stately cedars, or privacy hedges. This is another opportunity to use Lineo Dimensional Stone or Rivercrest Wall to create a cohesive beach-themed space.


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