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3 Landscape Design Themes Perfectly Suited to Bluestone in Arlington, VA


The title image features Beacon Hill Flagstone


Whether your Arlington, VA, home is ultra modern or traditional, a charming cottage or a grand estate, the unique character and elegance of bluestone could be an ideal addition for your outdoor living spaces. Here are three landscape design themes perfectly suited to bluestone.



Why Bluestone?


The appeal of bluestone comes from its dramatic, distinctive blue-gray coloring and its incredible depth of character. No stone is exactly the same as another, and the use of this stone contributes to a one-of-a-kind outdoor living space. One stone on its own is gorgeous; together, the effect is stunning.



However, Bluestone has some drawbacks.


One of the main challenges with bluestone is that it is impermeable. Because it absorbs water that can then freeze, spalling (flaking) and crumbling can happen. True bluestone typically requires regular sealing.


Another challenge is availability. If you are doing an outdoor project in stages or if you need to have a broken stone replaced, you may find that it’s impossible to find a good color match even if the bluestone is sourced from the same quarry. This could mean having to purchase more material than you initially need, to save for later. Or you may have to deal with a mismatch.


Bluestone has limited functionality. It’s not the ideal choice for pool decks due to its dark heat-absorbing color and its tendency to become slippery. It generally can only be installed for driveways if extremely thick slabs are used.


The practical challenges with bluestone may outweigh its beauty and character. However, today’s paver options mean that you can acquire the unparalleled character of bluestone without having to deal with its challenges.



A Luxurious Driveway for a Formal Home


Give visitors a warm yet luxurious welcome as well as a unified and luxurious appearance with Treo Premier pavers from Unilock. Treo pavers feature a natural texture and blended colors. New York Blend, Almond Grove, Fossil, or Steel Mountain resemble natural bluestone. Two or three of these colors can be blended on site for an authentic bluestone look; the other colors, Tuscany, Sierra, Charcoal, or Brown, could be used as borders or accents. As a bonus, you could have a driveway heating system installed to eliminate the hassle of shoveling and plowing.



A Relaxed Patio and Pool Deck


Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers from Unilock feature a realistic texture but in a long-wearing, non-slip form that is ideal for creating expansive outdoor living spaces filled with character. Beacon Hill is available in six blended colors: Almond Grove, Fossil, New York Blend, and Steel Mountain can be used individually or blended onsite; and the two additional colors, Sierra and Tuscany, could be used as borders or accents. A relaxed ashlar laying pattern will give your outdoor space a wonderfully relaxed look.



Formal Outdoor Living


Richcliff pavers from Unilock are great bluestone alternatives for high-end patios, walkways, pool decks, and driveways. Their ultra-realistic bluestone appearance creates a stunning contrast to smooth vertical elements. Combine two of the three available colors on site to achieve the most authentic bluestone look: Smoke Shale and Dawn Mist most closely resemble bluestone, and you can add Pebble Taupe as a beautiful border. Richcliff, like Treo Premier, can be used on driveways. Unilock Ultima Concrete Technology ensures a driveway that’s four times as strong as poured concrete—and much more attractive.

For more design inspiration and to see Unilock bluestone alternatives in real applications, visit a Unilock Idea Center or connect with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.

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