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3 Landscape Design Styles That Are Well Suited to the Look of Bluestone in Hempstead, NY


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Few natural materials could bring more character to your landscape than bluestone. Given the drawbacks of true bluestone, however, you may be looking for an alternative that can also provide you with one-of-a-kind character while enhancing the look and functionality of your landscape. This is why we are exploring three landscape design ideas that are well suited to the look of bluestone in Hempstead, NY.



Why Do Homeowners Love the Look of Bluestone?


The dramatic, distinctive blue-gray coloring (which often features hints of other colors) gives each stone incredible depth of character that pairs well with any architectural style. You will never find two bluestone slabs that are exactly alike. Bluestone can be used to create a completely unique outdoor living space.


However, bluestone may not be the ideal material for all applications, and this is why concrete alternatives could give you the design options and practicality you seek.


First, you should know that bluestone is relatively permeable. It absorbs water easily, and due to the freeze-thaw cycle, bluestone often can quickly begin to crumble and flake. It requires regular frequent sealing, but even so, water permeation from the sides can degrade it fairly quickly.


Bluestone gets hot in the sun and slippery when wet, making it a tough choice for pool decks. And since it’s a natural product, availability could be a challenge if you want to add on to your outdoor space in the future.


So, what follows are three landscape design ideas for enjoying the amazing character of bluestone in a much more practical concrete package. All three of the following pavers can be laid in a relaxed “random” ashlar pattern that brings a wonderful relaxed feel to your outdoor spaces.



A Rustic Retreat


Richcliff pavers from Unilock feature gorgeous blended colors and natural textures (you’ll never see repeating patterns thanks to Reala technology) to achieve the most realistic bluestone look. Richcliff are versatile pavers ideal for patios, walkways, pool decks, and driveways. You could combine Smoke Shale and Dawn Mist on site for the most authentic bluestone look and use the lighter Pebble Taupe as a border.


While Richcliff pavers are rustic in appearance, they pair exceptionally well with modern homes, where they provide a stunning contrast to sleek, smooth surfaces. Unilock Ultima Concrete technology ensures that a driveway made using Richcliff pavers will be up to four times as strong as poured concrete, with much more personality.



A Grand Driveway and Entry Walkway


Give your landscape a unified look and offer visitors a rustic yet luxurious welcome with Treo Premier pavers from Unilock. These smaller pavers feature realistic blended colors and textures. Mix two or three colors together onsite to achieve an authentic bluestone look. The closest colors to natural bluestone include New York Blend, Almond Grove, Fossil, or Steel Mountain. Use Tuscany, Sierra, Charcoal, or Brown as borders to tie your driveway and walkway to the home.



A Resort-Style Backyard


One of the most wonderful applications for a bluestone look is on a larger expanse of pavers such as a pool deck. Here, you can really see the textures, especially in the low light of morning and afternoon. Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers from Unilock feature a realistic pronounced texture that is also non-slip when wet, comfortably cool on hot days, and barefoot-friendly.


Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers are available in six blended colors: Almond Grove, Fossil, New York Blend, and Steel Mountain. Blend two or three onsite and use Sierra or Tuscany as a border.

For more design inspiration and to see Unilock bluestone alternatives in real applications, visit a Unilock Idea Center or connect with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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