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Town Hall

Town Hall is a part of our Elegance product line and is unique to the industry. Town Hall has been designed to satisfy both traditional and permeable installations, meeting the increasing demands for permeable installations. For permeable applications, a specialized aggregate base is used to infiltrate water.

Town Hall is available in a variety of colors, rich red tones like, Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay and Old Oak, and a striking darker color Basalt, that is closest to the color black. The intention inherent to the design of this product is to mimic heritage brick pavers. Quickly named ‘the Street Paver,’ this product is an ideal alternate to clay pavers due to the strength, the availability of supply, the ease of installation and the vintage streetscape charm it creates. It captures the historical essence of the streets of Europe.

In addition to being a part of our Elegance product line, Town Hall is manufactured with two of our propriety technologies:

  1. Reala™ Surface Design – Ultra realistic textures cast from actual natural stones, bricks, and cobblestones.

2. Ultima™ Concrete Technology – a specialized proprietary manufacturing process creating paving stones up to four times the strength of traditional poured concrete.

Town Hall is commonly used in driveway, patio and walkway applications, but the rich colors and classic shape of Town Hall also make it a popular choice for borders and accents or wall inlays.

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