Extend your Living Space Outdoors with an Inviting Paver Patio in Toms River, NJ

Extend your Living Space Outdoors with an Inviting Paver Patio in Toms River, NJ


The backyard doesn’t have to be a crude, untamed counterpart to the home. An elegant patio that serves as an extension of the home can still leave plenty of space for roughhousing or a game of catch. A patio like this is best situated right beside the home, with large doors that open onto it and instantly connect the home with the hardscape. Here are a few ways to imbue your Toms River, NJ, outdoor patio with indoor luxury and sophistication.


Pick refined pavers

The look and feel of the pavers underneath your feet will have an overwhelming effect on the overall aesthetic of your patio. While the pitched edges and worn texture of cobblestone-style pavers, such as Courtstone, can instantly define a patio as rustic or Old World by design, modern patio pavers can have a similarly distinguishing effect. Excellent candidates offered by Unilock include Umbriano pavers, which are available in a vast array of neutral shades that serve as staples in most modern color schemes. Pair the Summer Wheat color variation, for example, with large French doors, crisp white upholstery and plenty of sunlight for an irresistible reading room or summer getaway.

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Deal in delicates

Wrought iron outdoor furniture, although stunning in its own right, will not bring luxurious qualities to your indoor-like outdoor room on their own. Opt instead for outdoor furniture that you could fit into your indoor living room without batting an eyelid. Plush upholstered sofas and sleek glass coffee tables can be arranged on a patio like this, provided that they are adequately protected from the elements. Invest in a sturdy awning, or similar overhead structure, to protect your delicate outdoor furniture from the rain and snow. Attractive screens may also be placed around the room to shield you from strong winds and any dust they might bring with them. Or opt for enclosing walls constructed from attractive Unilock wall units.


Construct classic verticals

Every outdoor room requires vertical elements, from boundary walls to fire features that fill the evening air with warm ambience. Opt for smooth wall units that look and feel similar to indoor materials like marble and polished granite. Stray from bulky, textured wall units as these are better suited to outdoor rooms that embrace their distinction from the home, or opt for a subtly worn texture such as that offered by the Brussels Dimensional System. Lineo Dimensional Stone, by Unilock, is an excellent candidate for patios that flow from the home. These smooth wall units can help virtually any patio make a smart and sophisticated impression.


Create a cozy climate

One of the most jolting differences between the indoors and outdoors lies in the range of temperatures these two areas are exposed to. While indoor rooms tend to be consistently warm and cozy, outdoor rooms can get awfully chilly after sunset. Fortunately, the simple addition of a fireplace or fire pit can make an outdoor room feel more homely and inviting. Patios that serve as extensions of the home will benefit from having fire features designed to appear similar to indoor fireplaces. The pre-built Moda fireplace from Unilock, for example, subscribes to a cool neutral color palette, has a sleek layout and is perfectly complemented by comfortable outdoor sofas to lounge on.

The title image features an Umbriano patio with Brussels Dimensional System fireplace and verticals.


Extend your Living Space Outdoors with an Inviting Paver Patio in Toms River, NJ