Small Spaces

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Small Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether you live on an estate with rolling hills or in a townhouse built on half an acre, your back yard should be an oasis for you and your family to enjoy. There is a misconception that small backyards are limited by their space and that they can’t be turned into unique living spaces, unto themselves. On the contrary, small backyards offer the benefit of intimacy which is often difficult to achieve in larger spaces. Where larger backyards can occasionally feel impersonal, a small backyard provides the opportunity to design and curate a living space that reflects your personal style while simultaneously creating the atmosphere in which intimate and special memories can be made. Create your own, cozy getaway or an enchanting gathering spot in your petite backyard, using the following helpful tips.

Choose the perfect focal point

The right focal point will add visual interest that will make your small space feel more grand, all while maintaining a low profile. When lit, this unique fireplace casts the perfect glow that radiates outward and creates an attractive delineation between the eating and lounging areas of this small size back yard.

Define the space

Vertical walls, pillars and steps are excellent ways to add dimension and visual interest to your small size project. This homeowner opted to use the space adjacent to their front door to create an additional outdoor seating area. A small step up to the area along with decorative Rivercrest pillars and wall lend a cozy feel, along with Senzo Castano accents to the main field of Umbriano Summer Wheat patio pavers.

Create seating without the clutter of patio furniture

The short depth of this backyard presented a challenge for owners who wanted to incorporate both pool and a firepit in their design. The solution was to use smooth fullnose coping to turn a retaining wall on one side of the firepit into a seat wall. Seat walls like this accommodate extra guests without sacrificing the space required for bulky outdoor furniture.

Make the space work for you

The owner of this narrow, urban property wanted to create a warm welcome to visitors from the street, but didn’t want the hassle of caring for a lawn. The solution was this sculptural front yard design which uses a three color blend of Copthorne laid in a herringbone pattern, bordered in boxwood and planted with lush impatiens to lead visitors to the front steps.

Consider a Monochromatic Color Scheme

Using a single color can visually expand a small space, as can laying pavers in a running bond pattern using larger slabs to minimize joint lines. The Umbriano Summer Wheat pavers used in this project offer the look of natural granite in a color that helps reflect the summer sun so the surface is cool enough to walk on in bare feet.