How to make it special


Transform your outdoor project into a work of art by incorporating some of the latest trends when it comes to outdoor living elements, paver borders and rugs, colored jointing sand, lighting and wall accents!

Outdoor living elements

Fireplaces, fire pits, water features, and grill islands can transform your patio into a spectacular outdoor living area. Unilock outdoor living elements come pre-built from the factory and are easily placed in your backyard by a skilled contractor. They are beautifully embellished with Unilock Select pavers to make it easy to match patio borders and banding for a cohesive look and feel. Not only can they create a cozy outdoor room, but these elements can change how you entertain, relax and where your family spends time together! 

Borders, accents and paver rugs

Much like you would design a tile project inside your home, start by selecting a main paver and then complementing with one or two accents. Your unique accent could be a border to help define various outdoor spaces, color banding in pillars and walls, or even a paver ‘rug’ design in front of special features like your barbeque or a fireplace.  Beyond color combinations, you can also experiment with various border widths; very large areas can accommodate borders that are even 3, 5 or 7 rows wide!

Jointing compound – small detail, big difference

Changing the jointing sand color can dramatically change the look and feel of your paver surface. Consider complementing things such as house siding color, the paver or border color, or the color of your vertical elements when selecting a sand color.    

Accent lighting

Landscape lighting can help bring your new outdoor space to life at night. There are many lighting options to choose from, but pay particular attention to options that will help define steps and the edges of walkways and pool decks. We offer two durable solar powered solutions (no batteries or wiring required):
Solar Lighting Inc. solar LED lights are core drilled into the paver, step riser or wall surface. They are totally encapsulated in a durable weatherproof unit.
NighTec photo luminescent pavers look like regular pavers during the day as they absorb sunlight. After dark, they glow to safely light the way.  

Wall accents

For a completely harmonious design, design your walls, pillars and grill islands to complement your paver selection. Coordinating the color banding in both pavers and walls will bring the entire project together, and don’t forget to consider lighting feature walls for a dramatic nighttime effect.