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Why You Should Insist on EnduraColor and EnduraColor Plus!

Why should you insist on using EnduraColor™ and EnduraColor™ Products? When choosing a product, most people are generally focused on the design and function of their project and not necessarily how the product features will benefit them – with Unilock® products we provide you with the solution to satisfy your unique needs!

Unilock has been manufacturing products with the EnduraColor and EnduraColor Plus features for twenty years! First introduced in 1992, both technologies are exclusive to Unilock. Here’s what you need to know about them:

The first product manufactured with EnduraColor Plus was Series 3000®
Utilizes high quality surface aggregates
Increased durability
Additional cement in the top layer
Reduced water absorption
Simply put, Unilock’s EnduraColor surface is smoother, more color stable, and wears better than traditional pavers! Add in any of our other Select™ features such as Reala™, Ultima™, TitanTec™, ColorFusion™ or StayClean™, as well as the special admixtures and textures as seen in Series300®, Il Campo® and Unigranite®/Granite Stone™ and you have EnduraColor Plus!

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