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Using Unilock Concrete Pavers With EnduraColor Facemix Technology

Using Unilock Concrete Pavers With EnduraColor Facemix Technology

EnduraColor Facemix Technology is a patented Unilock technology developed for producing high-performance pavers with fade-resistant colors. EnduraColor Facemix pavers are manufactured using a two-step process that combines a strong foundation of coarse aggregates with a surface layer of fine, hardwearing minerals. The hardy surface layer prevents the larger, lighter aggregates from showing through due to environmental or mechanical wear and ensures concentrated color and wear-resistance.

Pavers manufactured using EnduraColor Facemix Technology are therefore suitable for a wide range of applications. No matter your project, there’s an EnduraColor product perfect for you. Here are some of the ways these revolutionary pavers can be incorporated into your landscape design:



A patio serves as a home’s primary outdoor living room and is therefore likely to receive more personal use from the family than any other hardscape. In addition to being able to handle foot traffic, patio pavers should be tough enough to withstand heavy patio furniture, and be resistant to scratches, should a piece of heavy patio furniture have to be moved. For a patio that looks great and remains functional decade after decade, EnduraColor Facemix pavers are ideal. Umbriano pavers, for example, offer a realistic granite appearance and sleek, non-slip surface that is resistant to wear and fading. Umbriano pavers present a surface that is as compatible with modern and contemporary design themes as it is for sophisticated traditional designs that exude a sense of luxury. Umbriano pavers are ideal for the patios and outdoor kitchens of family homes too, given the benefit of their integrated EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology. Umbriano is available in a range of colors and sizes to suit the aesthetic that you require.


Pool Decks

Pool decks see more than their fair share of sun and moisture. In addition to the harsh effects of the environment, they’re also subjected to potentially damaging pool chemicals and residues. Fortunately, EnduraColor Facemix Technology offers a solution to even concentrated levels of these sorts of chemicals. To truly put EnduraColor Facemix Technology to the test, Unilock conducted a series of experiments to prove how well these pavers stand up against the effects of muriatic acid, as a way to see how they perform under the harshest possible environmental conditions. After just five minutes, the powerful benefits of Unilock manufacturing technology was clear. Standard pavers showed substantial pitting and corrosion, while Richcliff and other Unilock EnduraColor Facemix pavers remained unscathed.

Richcliff pavers are ideal for pool decks because of their rich, non-slip surface textures, created by Reala Surface Technology, as well as their incredible strength. Not only do they maintain their beautiful colors, they’re also up to four times the strength of poured concrete, as provided by Ultima Concrete Technology. In fact, as part of the Elegance collection, Richcliff pavers represent an amalgamation of three different exclusive manufacturing technologies.



A front walkway needs to be pretty tough to withstand the daily foot traffic to and from the front door of a home. Over time, this sort of continuous mechanical pressure can start to take an effect on some pavers. Not so with EnduraColor Facemix Technology. The hardwearing, concentrated surface layer ensures that the structural base of the paver remains intact and that the surface of the paver does not begin to fade. Because EnduraColor Facemix is integral to the paver, the protective surface remains in place for as long as the walkway stands. EnduraColor Facemix pavers are available in a range of styles, from sleek and modern, such as Artline, to rustic and timeworn, such a Town Hall, allowing you to create a durable front walkway that matches the style of your home. Despite their differences in appearance, these pavers both offer long-lasting colors, structural stability and unbeatable color depth.


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As a requirement, driveway pavers should be strong enough to handle the weight of vehicles, as well as resist the wear caused by the mechanical forces that tires exert on a driveway surface. EnduraColor Facemix pavers are ideally suited to driveways for these reasons. Courtstone is the perfect driveway paver, offering up to four times the strength of poured concrete and an attractive cobblestone appearance. As a part of the Elegance range, Courtstone also features Ultima and Reala technologies, allowing for a realistic appearance and incredible strength. Courtstone is available in the cool Basalt, Belgian Blue and Dawn Mist color options, as well as the warm Pebble Taupe shade. Two-tone blends of Basalt/Belgian Blue and Dawn Mist/Pebble Taupe are also possible with Courtstone.


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Accents and Borders

For bold accents and highly contrasting borders, you’ll need a paver that won’t fade over time. This is ensured by EnduraColor Facemix pavers. The rich colors of EnduraColor Facemix pavers are designed to last. With its vibrant color options and brick-like shape, Copthorne pavers are the perfect accent paver. Copthorne features classic color options, such as Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Basalt and Steel Blue, as well as a 3 Colour Blend. The bold, everlasting colors of Copthorne are ideal for creating high-contrast borders and impactful paver rugs.


The title image features an Umbriano patio.


Using Unilock Concrete Pavers With EnduraColor Facemix Technology

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