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Rivercrest Wall

Stacked flagstone has been used for centuries for small garden walls and pillars. The all new Rivercrest™ Wall from Unilock® offers the character and flexibility of natural stone, with the durability and the ease of use of concrete products.

We recommend Rivercrest for walls under 2ft in height, and for both curved and straight walls. Available in two colors Coastal Slate and Driftwood, it is perfect for building seat walls, pillars, tree rings, planters, fire pits and grill islands!

(Coastal Slate) (Driftwood) (2 color mix- blended on site)

The installation process requires no clips or pins and the wall pieces are labelled with letters (A and B) making it an easy system to follow. So easy, that contractor’s are saying they can install Rivercrest up to 30-40% faster than stacked natural flagstone!

For curved walls align letters A-B / B-A (shown below)

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