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Outdoor Lighting – Electric or Solar

Where do you want to add landscape lighting? Perhaps to your patio, driveway or pool deck. Wherever it may be paver lighting adds ambience to any design. Whether it’s a sidewalk, driveway, patio, garden and retaining wall system, courtyard, pool deck, road way or even a commercial site like a bike path or parking lot, adding paver lighting adds beauty, functionality and most importantly safety. Incorporating a lighting system into a new paver project is a great way to add a dynamic effect while increasing the level of safety by clearly defining the area for pedestrians or vehicles. In addition to ambience and safety it will also increase the value to a residential or commercial property. All things to strongly consider when planning your next landscape project.

Why choose solar paver lighting? Adding solar paver lighting allows the installer to include lighting into a paver project without the added expense of trenching, conduit, wiring, transformers, timers, breakers or switches that are inherently necessary with low voltage and hardwired alternative lighting and because they are charged by natural light there are no added monthly electricity charges. Another benefit of solar paver lighting is that they can be installed horizontally in your patio, walkways, driveways and roadways or vertically in your retaining walls and accents for buildings. SolarCap‘s solar paver lights not only enable paver installers to install lighting into horizontal and vertical projects, but due to their paver lights being 100% waterproof (rated IP68) they can also be safely installed underwater!

Here are some more features of installing SolarCap lights:

  • Semi permanent life
  • 100,000 charge/discharge cycles
  • Charged by natural light with a charge time of 5 hours
  • No degradation of energy storage on performance
  • Easy installation anywhere
  • Withstands vehicle loads as large as semi-trucks and trailers
  • 40C to +75C (-40F to +158F) operating temperature range
  • Automatic on/off
  • No electric leakage

When considering paver, garden or retaining wall lighting a number of factors need to be taken into account. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cost of the lighting fixtures
  • Lighting fixture construction materials
  • Cost of accessories (conduit, wiring, transformers, timers, switches and breakers)
  • Monthly operating cost (electricity cost)
  • Maintenance cost (labour, replacement cost of bulbs, repairs to wiring)
  • Cost of installation (labour, trenching of conduit)
  • Level of water resistance
  • UV protection from sun damage
  • Operating temperature range of the lighting
  • Manufacturer’s warranty and reputation

You can purchase SolarCap lights by Skyfuel® at all Unilock locations!

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