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Gorgeous Summertime Features for Your Pool Deck

Gorgeous Summertime Features for Your Pool Deck

With the perfect backyard setting, your home can be the place to be this summer. Whether you’re planning to enjoy a “staycation” or you’re an avid home entertainer, make some memories in the sun with these gorgeous summertime features for your pool deck:


Outdoor Kitchen and Bar Pavilion

An outdoor kitchen and bar pavilion serve multiple functions, making this area the perfect backyard entertainment hub. A grill, food storage and food preparation counters mean that you can enjoy cooking and serving food outdoors while guests enjoy the pool. Combine this with a sink for washing up, a bar counter for serving drinks, and a fully stocked mini-fridge for complete outdoor entertaining. A pavilion structure overhead will help to keep the area cool and provide refuge from the sun for swimmers and guests enjoying your backyard.

For the bar, outdoor kitchen, and pavilion pillar footings, you may decide that a sleek and attractive wall unit, such as the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock, is ideal. U-Cara features a wide range of fascia panel styles from which to choose, including Smooth Face, Pitched Face, Umbriano Finish and Series Finish. The versatility of U-Cara makes it possible to customize your outdoor entertainment area according to your preferences. U-Cara can be paired beautifully with pavers with a natural texture, such as Beacon Hill Flagstone, or sleek modern pavers, such as Beacon Hill Smooth.


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Permanent Seating for Spectators

When they’re not enjoying the pool, guests will need somewhere to sit. Permanent seating provides reliable and accessible outdoor seating space while reducing clutter. A bench-like permanent seating arrangement along one side of the pool allows seating space for spectators and adult supervision while children are swimming. Poolside permanent seating also provides a place for swimmers to sit and dry off in the sun.

To ensure comfort and safety, opt for a seating surface that is refined in texture and doesn’t have any ragged edges that can snag on clothing or skin. Ledgestone or Ledgestone Fullnose Coping, for example, is ideal for this purpose. Ledgestone is also available in step and pillar cap units so that the look can be extended throughout your landscape.



Keeping your pool area private will help to ensure that you and your family are comfortable so that you can enjoy the space to its maximum potential. Privacy screens may take the form of low walls, retaining walls or raised plant beds where the foliage of shrubs is lifted to block the line of sight from nosey neighbors or the street. A multi-purpose wall unit, such as the Brussels Dimensional System from Unilock, could be just right for the construction of these sorts of structures. The Brussels Dimensional System comes in a range of versatile shapes and sizes to allow for both straight and curved walls, ensuring flexibility for a more organic design scheme. A timeworn finish, meanwhile, gives the Brussels Dimensional System huge amounts of character and makes for a vertical surface that doubles as a decorative feature.


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Easy to Clean Pavers

To keep your pool deck looking immaculate year after year, especially if it will double as an entertainment and cooking space, easy to clean pavers are an excellent option. Umbriano pavers from Unilock are manufactured to resist stains with the use of EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology. This means that food spills and pool water residue can be easily wiped up with little more than a paper towel and a wet wipe. Umbriano pavers feature an authentic granite appearance with a mottled surface, achieved using ColorFusion Technology, which randomly infuses the surface with color and actual granite particles. The result is a paver with a natural, modern appearance and sophisticated style.


Vibrant Accents

A contrasting border to your pool deck, a paver inlay for your poolside lounge area, or banding for the verticals of your landscape can help to create a more finished appearance for your design. Unilock offers many rich and vibrant options for creating stunning accents to enhance both modern and traditional designs.

Series pavers, for example, are the ideal accent paver for modern designs. This paver resembles granite with its signature quartz sparkle. Series comes in the bright Peppered Granite color option, as well as the dark and bold, Black Granite.

For something more traditional, try Copthorne. Copthorne pavers have been specially cast using Reala Surface Technology to create the ultra-realistic impression of historical street brick pavers. Copthorne is perfect for borders and accents, and is available in both warm, traditional brick color options, as well as the dark Basalt and cool Steel Blue colors.


Space for Plantings

To help keep your pool deck looking bright and natural, remember to include some space for plantings. This can come in the form of raised beds or simple cut-out flower beds. For raised plant beds that will complement a natural design theme, consider the stunning stacked flagstone appearance of Rivercrest Wall from Unilock. Rivercrest Wall is cast from molds taken from hundreds of actual flagstone pieces, ensuring that each unit has a completely realistic and individual appearance.


The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone pool deck with U-Cara Multi-Face verticals.


Gorgeous Summertime Features for Your Pool Deck


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