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Get the Look of Bluestone for Your Driveway with These Stunning Pavers

Get the Look of Bluestone for Your Driveway with These Stunning Pavers

Bluestone is used widely, particularly on the East Coast, to achieve an elegant, sophisticated appearance. However, bluestone has the tendency to flake and, depending on the thickness and quality of the stone, may not be suitable for driveways. Instead, choose from among these specially designed pavers for a long-lasting and beautiful driveway with a natural bluestone appearance. These pavers offer a number of impressive benefits and utilize special manufacturing processes to ensure strength, durability, and colors that will last a lifetime.


Richcliff pavers from Unilock offer a convincing substitute for bluestone and present a realistically embossed surface as a replacement for bluestone’s natural cleft. Richcliff pavers are both incredibly strong and incredibly durable, being manufactured with advanced Ultima Concrete Technology for strength and EnduraColor Facemix Technology for colors that will never fade. The realistic surface texture of Richcliff is achieved using Reala Surface Technology, which uses hundreds of pieces of natural stone to ensure a never-repeating surface.

Richcliff is available in a number of different colors. For the cool bluestone effect, opt for Dawn Mist or Smoke Shale. For a surface that balances cool and warm colors, consider the Pebble Taupe/Dawn Mist blend.

Richcliff pavers are perfect for adding curb appeal to your front yard and for creating a welcoming driveway with elegance and sophistication.

Consider pairing Richcliff with Copthorne pavers from Unilock to complement the deep blues and grays contained in the pavers. Copthorne pavers are available in warm colors, such as Burgundy Red, Old Oak, and Burnt Clay, to perfectly complement the bluestone cool of Richcliff in Smoke Shale or Dawn Mist.


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Also from Unilock, Thornbury pavers likewise present a rich natural flagstone aesthetic. The irregular edges of Thornbury add to its natural, rustic aesthetic and bluestone appeal. To capture the cool beauty of bluestone with Thornbury pavers, opt for the New York Blend color, or introduce an earthy warmth variation with the Almond Grove, Sierra, or Bavarian options.

The Thornbury size options fulfill a wide range of size requirements, making it suitable for large and small-scale projects, as well as both residential and commercial vehicular applications. In addition, Thornbury offers the option of permeability for your driveway, making it an excellent choice for resolving stormwater management issues, reducing ice build-up, preventing pooling, and keeping your driveway cool during the summer months.

The Thornbury size options, available in a Random Bundle, allow for a random, natural appearance that adds to its natural stone aesthetic and authentic charm.

To bring out the bluestone character of Thornbury even further, pair it with Town Hall from Unilock in the Basalt color option. Basalt Town Hall pavers can be used as a border for your driveway, a paver inlay, or a driveway apron to complement and contrast with its dark charcoal coloring.

Thornbury Smooth

Like Thornbury, Thornbury Smooth from Unilock offers an attractive appearance with the benefits of permeability. Thornbury Smooth’s size range, color options, longevity, and durability make it suitable for a range of projects, including patios, walkways, pool decks, and driveways, as well as commercial vehicular applications. Thornbury Smooth offers a more subtle surface texture for a sleeker effect, but is nonetheless rich with character, and offers irregular jointing lines and exclusive color options that are perfect for achieving a bluestone appearance. The Steel Mountain shade, for example, is a deep and varied gray that perfectly captures the bluestone aesthetic.


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Westport Easy Clean

Westport Easy Clean from Unilock not only offers a rich flagstone texture and a wide range of colors suitable for achieving a bluestone aesthetic, it also comes with the advantage of being protected by Unilock proprietary EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology.

EasyClean Stain Resistance is in integral surface technology that makes Westport impenetrable to liquids and substances that would otherwise cause stains. Because this protection is integrated into the paver’s surface, EasyClean won’t peel away like other sealers.

EasyClean ensures that the surface of Westport pavers can be quickly and easily wiped clean of grease, oil, and other stain-forming substances without leaving a stain behind. This makes it perfect for projects such as outdoor kitchens and patios, but is also beneficial for keeping driveways looking pristine and free from the stains that can be caused by motor oil and other marks produced by vehicles.

Brussels Block

From Unilock, Brussels Block has the look of quarried rock and a captivating antique texture. For a timeworn appearance, Brussels Block is ideal for your driveway. The relaxed, timeless look of Brussels Block can be applied to both residential and commercial driveways, and a bluestone look can be achieved using the Limestone or New York Blend color options. Brussels Block is a stunning paver, rich in character, and can be used throughout your landscape for almost any hardscape requirement. The aesthetic can be continued into your vertical features by using Brussels Dimensional System wall units and Brussels Fullnose coping. Brussels Fullnose is excellent for front steps and will create a warm welcome that perfectly matches your driveway.


The title image features a Thornbury driveway with Town Hall accents.


Get the Look of Bluestone for Your Driveway with These Stunning Pavers


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