Famous Places Where You Can Find Unilock Product

Unilock® products have been the choice of many designers for commercial jobs across North America for several years. The unique color and style options allow designers to address the various priorities of the site while still creating a warm and inviting space for human use. Take a look below at some of the famous places where our products have been installed – it will have you watching where you walk next time you’re out and about!

Orange County Headquarters (Newburgh, NY) is home of one of the most unique ways to design with our product. The main area is paved with Brussels Block® while the Orange County Logo is surrounded with Unigranite® and Copthorne®. (Designer: Sanok Design Group, M.A. Day Engineering)

The Air Canada Center, home turf for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors, showcases a unique cut of Series 3000®. (Designer: Ferris & Associations Inc.)

The Park at Lakeshore East (Chicago, IL) is an urban development that features some of Chicago’s tallest buildings. Warmth and comfort in a large spacious environment was made possible with Series 3000. (Designer: Site Design Group & The Office of James Burnett)

The Shops at Don Mills, a tourist destination and high traffic area (Toronto, ON) was designed using Umbriano® and Series 3000® for their durability and unique surface colors and textures. (Designer: Quinn Design Associates Inc.)

Buckingham Fountain (Chicago, IL) was recently updated with Eco-Priora™, a permeable paving stone that guarantees high quality performance with improved water quality and storm water management. (Designer: Thompson Dyke & Associates)

University of Michigan Helipad (Ann Arbor, MI) uses the Pisa2® wall system for its unique selection of shapes and sizes. In this case, the tiered design required a wall system that could be used in a host of applications. (Designer: Albert Kahn & Associates Inc.)

Canada’s Wonderland (Toronto, ON) one of North America’s most visited seasonal theme parks, is paved with one of our permeable pavement solutions, Optiloc®. (Designer: Terraplan Landscape Architects)

Veterans Memorial (Oswego, IL) showcases how our products complement the beauty of existing design elements while directing movement through an intimate space. Il Campo®, Stonehenge® and Series 3000 were used to create this warm environment. (Designer: Planning Resources Inc.)