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Best Gas Fire Pit Options


Best Gas Fire Pit Options

A fire pit is the ideal feature for adding charm, ambience and warmth to an outdoor entertainment or lounge area. While some people enjoy the aroma and atmosphere of a wood fire, others prefer the clean burn and convenience of a gas-burning fire feature. Here are some of the best gas fire pit options, including convenient fire pit kits from Unilock that allow for convenient installation and can be converted into gas-burning features with the help of a Unilock Authorized Contractor:

Rivercrest Firepit Kit

The Rivercrest Firepit Kit from Unilock combines the rich, natural textures of stacked flagstone with the fire-ready properties of Unilock concrete wall units. This charming feature incorporates Rivercrest Wall, an all-time favorite from Unilock, and is available in a classic round style option. You can choose from Rivercrest Wall’s two sophisticated color options, Buff or Coastal Slate, to get the right color coordination for your landscape. Rivercrest Wall achieves its realistic appearance with the help of Reala Surface Technology, which makes use of molds of hundreds of pieces of actual flagstone to create a never-repeating surface texture, an ultra-convincing appearance, and an overall stunning look.

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Romanstack Firepit Kit

The Romanstack Firepit Kit is a simple, charming fire pit option, featuring the split and weathered look of RomanWall. RomanWall lends a rugged character to this fire feature, as well as both warm and neutral color options, making it ideal for rustic and traditional settings. The Romanstack Firepit Kit comes with basic ring and insert options, as well as accessories that include a post, grill and winch. This gas fire pit option is slightly larger than the Rivercrest Fire Pit Kit, with an outside dimension of 60” as opposed to 54”.

Sunset Firepit Kit

With the tumbled, weathered appearance of the Brussels Dimensional System, the Sunset Firepit Kit is elegant and understated, and is available in both square and round shape options. A circular fire pit design is ideal for encouraging an open feel, and can be conveniently paired with a permanent seating arrangement. A round design is also reminiscent of the traditional campfire atmosphere and is great for matching to a natural form theme. The square design option can be an excellent contribution to a geometric form theme, and can be used to complement a more formal design aesthetic.

U-Cara Custom Fire Pit

A custom fire pit, using versatile Unilock wall units, is an excellent option if you’d prefer to add a personalized touch to your fire feature. U-Cara Multi-Face is ideal for creating custom fire pits because of its wide range of stunning fascia panel options. These include both Smooth and Pitched Face variations, as well as Umbriano and Series Finishes. Among its varied color options, you’ll find the warm Summer Wheat, Black Granite and cool Steel Mountain shades. A U-Cara custom fire pit is the perfect match for a contemporary hardscape with architectural flair, and provides unlimited design options.

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Brussels Dimensional System Custom Fire Pit

As well as providing the structure for the Sunset Firepit Kit, the Brussels Dimensional System is a versatile collection of wall units that can be used to create a range of custom fire pit designs. For example, why not combine the timeworn appeal of Brussels Dimensional System wall units with Copthorne paver banding and the classic appearance of Brussels Fullnose Coping to finish off the design? This combination offers a well-rounded aesthetic, and can be used in the construction of other vertical features throughout your hardscape, such as seating walls, low walls, and even pillars and water features.

Lineo Dimensional Stone Custom Fire Pit

Lineo Dimensional Stone is a favorite for modern hardscapes and can be used to construct sleek, sophisticated custom fire features. Consider Lineo Dimensional Stone for a smart, linear design, finished off with Ledgestone Coping for added character. Lineo Dimensional Stone comes in a range of mutually compatible color options, such as Limestone, Midnight Charcoal, Sierra and Almond Grove, meaning that a second color can be introduced to create eye-catching banding. Ledgestone, which is available in both pitched edge and fullnose coping options, makes an interesting complement to Lineo Dimensional Stone’s sleek surface.

Custom Gas Fire Table

As an alternative to a fire pit, consider a custom-built gas fire table. Fire tables are typically taller than fire pits and subscribe to a more modern design style. These features are generally elongated and rectangular in form, and provide an excellent complement to the edges of patios, dining areas, outdoor bar areas and other outdoor entertainment spaces as either a room divider or a central feature. The design of a fire table makes it an ideal gas-fueled option and a stunning alternative to the traditional fire pit. Of course, you can always have it both ways with a matching fire pit and fire table combination, designed and constructed by a Unilock Authorized Contractor.

The title image features a U-Cara Multi-Face fire pit on a Copthorne patio.


Best Gas Fire Pit Options


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