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Wood Storage Solutions for your Hartford, CT Fire Pit

Do you like gathering around a roaring fire with your family and friends, enjoying the warmth and cheerful atmosphere accompanied by great food? People have been bonding around fires for millennia. There is something about gazing into the flames that is invigorating and exciting. If you’re lucky enough to have a fire pit, then you know this feeling well.
The weather is perfect right now to make the most of your Hartford, CT fire pit. Whether it’s on the patio or in the yard, everyone will delight in the cozy atmosphere it generates. However, unless you’re using a gas pit, you’re going to be burning wood. This wood needs to be stored in a convenient location so that you don’t have to go for a hike every time you need more. It also needs to be stored in a safe place where the elements won’t ruin it. Firewood needs to be kept off the ground to avoid becoming wet and rotting. Therefore, elevation and air circulation is important in maintaining the quality of your firewood. Make sure you’re storing your wood correctly, so you can enjoy your fire pit when you it suits you.
There are many solutions available depending on how much wood you need to store and the location of your fire pit. Here are a few options that can be incorporated into your patio and constructed with Unilock products.

Outdoor Cabinets

These are cabinets that are placed in a convenient location and can be included in a grill island or outdoor bar design. They can be built to various sizes depending on space constraints and to suit the amount of wood you intend to store. Make sure these cabinets seal properly to prevent the elements from ruining your wood. To achieve an aesthetic that matches your patio and fire pit, consider Unilock products for the construction of the basic structure. Rivercrest Wall and Estate Wall are two such options that are ideal for creating a matching aesthetic to most color schemes and design styles.

Built in Storage

Built in storage means you can keep the fire crackling without having to move. Consider incorporating built in storage into features such as permanent seating or the design of your fire table or fireplace. Unilock wall stones provide easy construction of such features and allow for sturdy, aesthetically pleasing design. Match your fire pit to products such as Brussels Dimensional Stone and Brussels Fullnose Coping for comfortable seating space for storage benches.

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Firewood Racks

Firewood racks can be constructed from metal or wood and placed virtually anywhere that storage is required. They can be attached to Unilock wall systems, seating, or even the fire pit itself. Numerous sizes and designs are available, so choose one that will merge well with the look of your yard and patio.

Making a decision

Fire pits are an incredible asset for summer evenings and cool days. To assist you with the placement and construction of your fire pit or wood storage facilities and in choosing the right wood storage system for your property, don’t hesitate to consult a Unilock Authorized Contractor.

The title image features a fire pit and seat wall constructed from Brussels Dimensional System by Unilock.

Wood Storage Solutions for your Hartford, CT Fire Pit


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