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What's Missing in Your Columbus, OH Hardscape?

Many homeowners in Columbus, OH are up to the challenge when designing a state of the art hardscape for their home. Regardless of the way you look at it, a sustainable, beautifully designed hardscape offers a great return on your investment for your Ohio home. Hardscape features increase your home’s value and accentuate your curb appeal, making your house a place of art and beauty. So, take a good look at your hardscape and fill in the missing pieces with these outstanding hardscape features.

Custom Fire Pit

Matching the style of your home with the style of your fire pit adds a natural spark and finesse to your landscape. The beauty of custom fire pits is in their flexibility and countless design options. Whether it is in a vintage, modern or casual style, a fire pit’s warmth and elegance is something your hardscape shouldn’t be without. If you are chasing a timeless look, a combination of Brussels Dimensional Stone, Copthorne accent pavers, and Ledgestone coping will create a luxurious look that satisfies your aesthetic tastes. Perfect your fire pit structure by adding seating and create your special place for family gatherings, even on chilly Ohio evenings.

Walls and Steps

Layers give a landscape a more interesting composition than just a flat expanse of lawn. Retaining walls carve out these layers, creating separation and structure, while steps connect these levels and contribute to flow and accessibility. One smart investment for adding steps to your landscape is using Brussels Fullnose coping. The rounded edge and refined, non-slip surface is ideal for comfort and safety while providing extreme durability and a neat finish. If elegantly designed and built from high-quality blocks, retaining walls or low walls can greatly enhance the look of your backyard. For a modern look, Lineo Dimensional Stone is ideal. For antique-texture, Estate Wall is perfect and creates the look of authentic natural rock.

Water Features

Adding water features to your hardscape can transform your home into an oasis. Concrete pavers and wallstones from Unilock can be used to support or draw attention to a a water feature used as a focal point in your landscape. The sound and movement of water never fails to create an idyllic outdoor setting.

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Walkways break up your landscape into separate spaces, while simultaneously connecting the component areas of your yard. For an exquisite look, the size of the walkways needs to be proportional to the size of your softscape and other hardscape features while remaining functional. Match your walkway paving material with that of your patio or other hardscaped areas to create a unified effect.


The materials you choose for the construction of your hardscape go a long way towards adding color to the area. Consider adding accent, borders and banding in contrasting colors for additional visual interest. Alternatively, low retaining wall plan beds can be used to introduce greenery into a setting. You can even opt for a few strategically placed planters atop pillars or at the edges of your hardscape structures.

The title image features a water feature built from Brussels Dimensional Stone in River.

What’s Missing in Your Columbus, OH Hardscape

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