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Want to Reduce Foot Traffic on Your Bridgeport, CT, Lawn? Read these Landscaping Ideas

Want to Reduce Foot Traffic on Your Bridgeport, CT, Lawn? Read these Landscaping Ideas


Whatever the reason that your lawn is being used as a shortcut, you’ll no doubt prefer that pedestrians take the long way around. When you have worked to grow a lush, green lawn and to plant colorful flowers, you don’t want people traipsing through the yard. Read these landscaping ideas for your Bridgeport, CT, lawn to find a solution to your lawn being used as a pass-through:


Provide Walkways

Pay close attention to how people (or pets) cross your Bridgeport, CT, yard. This often provides a good template of where a walkway should be lain to most conveniently connect two points. This walkway can be as simple as large format paver Beacon Hill Flagstone stepping stones with grass in between. Consider two XL units laid side by side with grass strips between to make a two person (or person and dog) pathway. If you want something more polished, consider a wide walkway of brick-style pavers, such as Copthorne. Copthorne pavers are ideal for creating welcoming traditional walkways. Consider incorporating a running bond laying pattern to guide people in the direction of the walkway. This can be edged of with a soldier course border for added effect.

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Plant a Living Fence

Living fences are often a great deterrent to keep people and animals from passing through your yard. They can define your Bridgeport, CT, property’s boundary in way that looks natural and gives you privacy. Choose a shrub that stays green year round and is fast growing. Boxwood shrubs are an excellent choice if you like a traditional look. They are hearty and can be trimmed into a uniform shape. As an added deterrent, raised plant beds can help to add structure and give the shrubs additional height. Consider a wall unit such as Rivercrest Wall for a raised plant bed with an authentic natural appearance.


Retaining Walls

A retaining wall can become an integral part of your landscape fence solution. A four foot wall should be sufficient to discourage traffic, while adding curb appeal and value to your home. An Estate Wall retaining wall can be built to allow for planting along the top, softening the appearance and blurring hard lines. For a modern appearance, Lineo Dimensional Stone can be used to create a series of low retaining wall terraces. Using plants and vines to complement your retaining wall with natural beauty ensures that the retaining wall is a subtle but definite deterrent for anyone who might stray from the path.


A Unilock Authorized Contractor for a Custom Solution

With a guarantee to get the job done right, Unilock Authorized Contractors have all of the resources you need to find a solution for lawn’s bare patches! They can assist you in deciding which hardscape feature would work best for your needs. Work conducted by a Unilock Authorized Contractor is backed by the Unilock quality guarantee and with a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee on Unilock products, you can’t go wrong!

The title image features a Copthorne paver walkway.


Want to Reduce Foot Traffic on Your Bridgeport, CT, Lawn? Read these Landscaping Ideas

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