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Want to Match Brick Pavers with a Bluestone Patio? Consider These Alternatives in Worcester, MA

Want to Match Brick Pavers with a Bluestone Patio? Consider These Alternatives in Worcester, MA


Both natural stone and brick are used to create elegant and sophisticated points of interest in many Worcester, MA, landscapes. Combining brick and bluestone can yield stunning results, however, there are more cost effective, low maintenance alternatives. Unilock pavers are widely known for their unmatched strength, versatility, durability, and stunning design options. Here are some combinations to inspire your project and serve as an alternative to the classic brick and bluestone combination so prevalent in Worcester, MA:


Richcliff and Copthorne

With its relaxed yet elegant look, Richcliff is the ultimate bluestone alternative. This paver offers an ultra-realistic texture cast from actual natural stone pieces to ensure an entirely random surface. The shades of Dawn Mist and Smoke Shale, offered by Richcliff pavers, provide the cool hues of the bluestone color palette. Pair Richcliff with Copthorne paver accents to achieve the authentic brick and bluestone combination. Copthorne, too, is available in a number of different colors, each one with the ability to add a different character to the combination. For a touch of warmth and contrast, consider using the Burgundy Red, Old Oak, or Burnt Clay color option, or a 3 Color Blend including all of them. Alternatively, you can opt for a more uniform surface with the Basalt or Steel Blue colors.

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Beacon Hill Flagstone and Town Hall

With its combination of blue and beige hues, Beacon Hill Flagstone in the Steel Mountain or Fossil color option provides another ideal bluestone alternative. This paver impresses with its weathered surface texture and rich flagstone feel. Beacon Hill Flagstone is available in three different standard pieces; the Large Rectangle, Small Rectangle and Square, as well as an XL Unit (sold separately). These pieces can be used to create an unlimited number of interesting laying patterns. While Beacon Hill Flagstone makes the ideal bluestone alternative, Town Hall is an excellent brick substitute to match. With slightly larger dimensions than Copthorne, this paver presents an ultra-realistic surface texture that has been cast from original street brick and provides a distressed, time-worn appearance that works amazingly well for creating borders, inlays, and accents. This paver is available in six different color options, as well as two different color blend alternatives. The Basalt color option is an excellent choice for adding depth to the patio, in the form of a dark, contrasting border.


Beacon Hill Smooth and Mattoni

Beacon Hill Smooth helps contemporary landscapes flourish with its smooth finish and modern appeal. This paver is the bluestone alternative if you’re looking to combine modern sophistication with traditional charm. Select the Steel Mountain color option to add the subtle grey undertones of bluestone to your project. To add the look of brick to the design, consider pairing Beacon Hill Smooth with Mattoni pavers. The elongated, Roman brick shape of Mattoni can help to emphasise a contemporary theme. Mattoni’s three color options, Sable Blend, Cocoa Brown, and Dark Charcoal, will each bring out a different character of Beacon Hill Smooth main field pavers, matching, complementing and contrasting the Steel Mountain shade, respectively.

The title image features a Richcliff patio in Dawn Mist with Copthorne accents in Burgundy Red.


Want to Match Brick Pavers with a Bluestone Patio? Consider These Alternatives in Worcester, MA


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