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More Than a Walkway: The Epitome of an Entrance in Mohegan Lake, NY

This magical path has redefined what it means to have a front walkway. It’s no longer just an accessory to add to the front of a home – it’s a welcoming entrance that invites people onto a property and into a home with grace and sophistication. And the pros at Eddie’s Yard have brought this new concept to life for this Mohegan Lake, NY, home.

The sense of smoothness of the Unilock Richcliff pavers encourage you to, not walk, but glide along the path. The industrial-feeling main pavers are double-bordered by a more rustic Unilock Copthorne and met with yet another border of light Unilock Brussels Block. The reddish borders contrasting the steely main path provide needed structure and solidification to guide you traveling forward. Enjoy the view with beautiful plants along your stroll.

The entrance proper is elaborately lit, being cornered by two stone pillars, with lighting elements beneath the pedestals, and smart vertical lights atop them. More greenery outlines the space, juxtaposing the natural with the industrial. Natural stone steps direct you up toward the home, with subtle lighting under the lip of each stair. The most grandeur, perhaps, is found in the center of the action: a diamond inlay constructed with Unilock Copthorne and Series 3000, complete with a small recessed light in each corner.

Modernity and industry create a bold, cool entrance that goes far beyond a simple front walkway for this Mohegan Lake, NY home. Visit for more ideas for your outdoor home.


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