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Using Natural Stone and Bluestone in your Long Island Patio Design

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Natural stone has been used as a major building material since the very beginning of architecture and has been incorporated in everything from castle walls to bathroom and kitchen countertops. Today, that is no different. Our options for finishes and materials, as well as ways of application, are virtually endless. We can clad, pack, and even wrap almost any surface in the landscape with some form of natural stone, making it possible to incorporate this ageless material all around our home.

The effects that homeowners in Glen Cove, NY, Huntington Bay, NY, or the surrounding Long Island area can achieve using stone such as bluestone, flagstone, and Natural Stone by Unilock allows for truly stunning outdoor living spaces and patio designs. Squared natural stone pavers with seamless edges can lead your guests to a remote outdoor living room, while chiseled edges of dry-laid stone walkways can take them toward a garden or retaining wall found on the edge of the outdoor kitchen. The possibilities are endless and in the hands of a Unilock Authorized Contractor, natural stone can become an amazing patio design.

Vertical Elements including Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces, and Retaining Walls

Cladding a fireplace surround, a fire pit, or an outdoor kitchen in stone immediately enhances your outdoor living space, adding texture, depth and warmth to an otherwise blank surface. The timeless look and feel of stone is a natural fit for Long Island landscapes and it seems to look at home no matter how it’s used. Today, many homeowners are selecting products like fieldstone, bluestone, granite, and sandstone for their retaining walls and seating walls, for veneering their home’s concrete foundation, and as the material of choice for grill islands and water features. With a color palate that’s both neutral and beautiful at the same time, and a strength and durability second to non, who can blame them. Natural Stone by Unilock—a revolutionary new way to take advantage of all the benefits of natural stone for your landscaping while reducing the downsides of traditional supplies—offers incredible control and consistency for homeowners with exacting taste. To learn more, check out the product page here.

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Flat Surfaces including Patios, Driveways, Walkways, and Pool Decks

Many outdoor living projects on Long Island today include both vertical elements like those described above, as well as flat surfaces like patios and walkways. With the design possibilities offered by Unilock’s Natural Stone line, homeowners and landscape professionals alike are able to select materials that work well together visually. Patios are beautifully brought to life with large format stone, laid in a random, naturalistic pattern. For extra design flair and visual interest, include concrete pavers as inlays and accents in natural stone walkways and patios, and then use that accent paver for the driveway.
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Endless Design Possibilities

When looking at nature around us and considering the products available on the market today, there is really nothing we can’t recreate in some way shape or form in the landscapes around our Long Island homes. Our patio designs and outdoor living spaces especially lend themselves to these possibilities as we have the added benefit of open skies, lush foliage, and water features that can be incorporated. The hardscaping elements such as patios, walkways, and retaining walls are a major structural part of proper landscape design, With Natural Stone by Unilock, you can make your landscaping truly unique and special for your Long Island, NY home.

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