Using Dry-Laid vs. Mortared Flagstone Style Pavers in Your Canton, OH, Installation | Unilock

Using Dry-Laid vs. Mortared Flagstone Style Pavers in Your Canton, OH, Installation

Using Dry-Laid vs. Mortared Flagstone Style Pavers in Your Canton Installation


Flagstone-style pavers from Unilock offer a warm luxury that will last a lifetime. Aside from aesthetics, Unilock concrete pavers offer incredible durability and design flexibility. The method chosen for the installation of the pavers comes with its own advantages and disadvantages that will affect the appearance, cost, and strength of your Canton, OH project. Fortunately, Unilock pavers are incredibly versatile and are compatible with both dry and wet installation methods.

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Flagstone-Style Pavers from Unilock

Beacon Hill Flagstone provides a naturalistic surface texture that recreates the look of flagstone and will give your hardscape that rich, historic look. This paver comes in a variety of different colors and is compatible with the all three jointing sand color options from Unilock – Black Sand, Tan Sand, and Grey Sand.

Richcliff is another paver that offers the flagstone look and feel. Richcliff’s embossed surface texture gives it a more modern appearance that can be used to add elegance to your landscape project. Both pavers are incredibly durable and offer an ultra-realistic flagstone surface texture. Richcliff is available in the captivating shades of Pebble Taupe, Dawn Mist and the new Smoke Shale.

In addition, Bristol Valley, Thornbury, or Treo Premier can be used to achieve an authentic flagstone appearance, among others. Each of these pavers possesses a detailed flagstone surface texture and are made to the highest manufacturing standards. Discuss your selection with you Unilock Authorized Contractor for help on deciding which selection best suits the style of landscape you are going for.


The Dry-Lay Installation Method

The dry-lay installation method involves laying pavers on a base of tightly compacted gravel aggregate and a layer of bedding sand. The process is simple: the patio stones are laid “dry” on the gravel and a jointing sand is used to fill in the joints. Unilock manufactures its own polymeric jointing sand that deters weed growth, improves interlock and enhances the durability of the feature. In addition, multiple colors are available in order to complete the look of your project. Jointing sand is a small detail that can make a huge difference to the overall look of your patio, driveway or pool deck.

Compared to the wet, or mortar method, a dry lay is a cheaper, easier and quicker solution because the no-mortar process reduces labor. One of the biggest concerns of dry-laid patios for contractors and homeowners, is that they can be susceptible to frost heaving in areas with particularly loamy soil.


The Wet-Lay Installation Method

Unilock Concrete Adhesive, offers superior strength and is easier to apply than traditional mortar mixes. If you have a poured concrete patio and would like to cover it with pavers, a wet-lay using this mixture is recommended. A wet-laid hardscape may be more costly, but it also provides greater durability and a more sturdy base for areas that will be subjected to heavy loads.

With our Easy Pro Jointing Compound and Unilock Concrete Adhesive, you are guaranteed a durable landscape feature, regardless of whether it’s a patio, walkway or driveway. Contact an Unilock Authorized Contractor to ensure that the laying process is executed correctly.

The title image features a dry-laid Beacon Hill Flagstone patio.


Using Dry-Laid vs. Mortared Flagstone Style Pavers in Your Canton Installation


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