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Upgrade Your Kitchener, Ontario Landscape Design with a Stunning Outdoor Shower Area

Upgrade Your Kitchener, Ontario Landscape Design with a Stunning Outdoor Shower Area


If you’ve had enough of the muddy prints through the house…on the carpet…up the stairs, and the wet swim clothes and towels, consider adding an outdoor shower area to your pool area. Not only is this feature great for keeping the mud and dirt outdoors where it belongs, you can also enjoy a rinse down after a dip in the pool. Contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor in Kitchener, Ontario, who can design and build a stunning outdoor shower space that will eliminate the mud and prints, and leave the wet messes outside.


Three Reasons You Need an Outdoor Shower Space:


Outdoor Cleanup

Whether you love to entertain with pool parties or the kids love to play outside, an outdoor shower space is an ideal place to remove the mud and debris before anyone comes back inside! You can wash dirty feet and hands, even muddy pet paws, to keep the grime outdoors and out of your home. That rainstorm that left everything wet and muddy won’t have to ruin your mood because the kids can leave their dirty clothes at the outdoor shower area after they rinse off.



An outdoor shower space can offer a shower experience in nature, or an extra spot for summer guests to bathe when the bathroom is crowded. If you have a pool, the shower area can be a private spot to rinse off and dress, leaving the drips and wet clothes out of the house. It’s a perfect spot for rinsing after a run on a hot day, and for your kids who play summer sports to wash away the sweat. Walls constructed of wood, plexiglass, rock or Unilock Brussels Dimensional Stone wall units offer privacy, while plants and trees can offer shade.



Whether you love modern, traditional or rustic, there is a concrete paver for your shower style. You can use pavers with modern style, such as Umbriano, to create a contemporary oasis, accented by stainless fixtures and exposed pipes. Or, your shower can be a hidden gem in your landscape with the pleasant cobblestone appearance of Courtstone pavers and Rivercrest Wall. To make your space more functional, add a built-in seat wall or low surrounding wall for keeping clothes and towels dry. For a shower that is an addition to your pool area, you can continue the design of the pool, or do something completely different like an eye-catching laying pattern for the floor. Where you choose to put the shower is only dictated by your imagination—you can nestle a shower next to your home, or have it installed free-standing, surrounded by plants and trees.

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Whether you love the idea of an outdoor shower as an attractive visual feature, or tucked into a private corner, it can add both beauty and usefulness to your yard. Get an estimate today for your customized outdoor shower. You’ll love how this feature decreases your stress levels when you can send your kids to the outdoor shower to clean their feet before they come inside.



Upgrade Your Kitchener, Ontario Landscape Design with a Stunning Outdoor Shower Area


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