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Upgrade Your Hamilton, ON, Landscape Design with a Stunning Outdoor Theater Space

Upgrade Your Hamilton, ON, Landscape Design with a Stunning Outdoor Theater Space


The times of casually watching movies with friends outdoors on warm sunny nights doesn’t have to be over. One of the hottest trends in the landscaping universe is the installation of the outdoor theater. For your landscape, make sure that it’s of the highest quality. A Unilock Authorized Contractor can assist with the design and installation of an outdoor theater in your Hamilton, OH, backyard.


Television vs. Projector

The primary choice that you’ll face when designing your outdoor theater will be the choice between television setup versus projector-based setup. The one that’s best for you depends on the amount of time that you’ll use it, the frequency of use, and the area that you have available. For those with a nice patio space, consider installing a television set within a hardscape setup built in the style of Rivercrest Wall or Brussels Dimensional Stone by Unilock. These wall units ensure a high-quality aesthetic and permanent set-up. Alternatively, you could have a projector installed, hanging from the side of a pergola, wall, or as a moveable free-standing structure.

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The second issue will be a related one: location. Where is it best to place your outdoor theater? Obviously, you’ll need to factor in light and noise pollution, limiting both. The more the sounds and glare from the neighborhood interfere, the less you’ll be able to enjoy the theater. You might also consider discussing the project with your neighbors and making sure that you don’t install the feature in an area that could interfere with another’s peaceable enjoyment of their property. Close to your home or far from the backdoor, make sure that lighting and walking paths are appropriate and safe.



With Unilock products and a Unilock Authorized Contractor, you can install permanent seating to complement your backyard theater, or you can choose to purchase theater style seats or comfortable outdoor furniture. As a comfortable coping option for permanent seating, you can’t beat the refined surface of Ledgestone coping. Ledgestone is available in both a natural edge and fullnose to ensure maximum comfort. Alternatively, consider the worn, tumbled appearance and multiple color options available from Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger. Make sure that each guest has sufficient personal space regardless of the set up and have backup seating available for those occasions when your guests outnumber the included space. A professional will come in handy during this period because you can discuss the angle at which the viewing will occur, making sure that all remain comfortable while viewing the movie of the night.


Creature Comforts

Remember to include food as well as pillows, throw blankets, and other comfortable accommodations. During summer months, you might consider including insect repellant systems in your backyard design. Complement the area with a Unilock Firepit Kit or pre-built Fireplace. With these additions to your property’s landscape, you can transform how your family spends their summer evenings.

The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio with Copthorne Accents and Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals.


Upgrade Your Hamilton, ON, Landscape Design with a Stunning Outdoor Theater Space

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