Unilock Pavers and Color Options to Replace Bluestone in Worcester, MA Bluestone Worcester | Unilock

Unilock Pavers and Color Options to Replace Bluestone in Worcester, MA Bluestone Worcester

Unilock Pavers and Color Options to Replace Bluestone in Worcester, MA


Bluestone is a gorgeous and luxurious natural stone, and can add a timeless feel to any Worcester, MA landscape design. However, it does have its downsides. Bluestone is a quarried material which means that availability can be limited. Limited availability and a high demand can mean that it comes with a hefty price tag. This sought-after natural stone is also vulnerable to precipitation. Rain and repeated freeze-thaw cycles in the Worcester, MA, area can cause it to fade and flake over time.

Fortunately, Unilock has you covered. Before digging deeper into your pockets for this natural stone, assess your options and explore these alternatives from Unilock. Furthermore, a Unilock Authorized Contractor will be able to install these options for you to ensure the highest degree of expertise and customer service. These hardy alternatives don’t compromise on appearance either. Here are some concrete paver alternatives to bluestone that you won’t want to miss out on:


Beacon Hill Flagstone

Beacon Hill Flagstone is renowned for its unique appearance. Its subtle surface texture captures the essence of natural flagstone. The variety of cool tones in which it is available, ensures that it can even offer the appearance of bluestone. The New York Blend and Steel Mountain color options, for example, offer cool greys and blue undertones that convincingly replicate the colors of bluestone. For a warmer variation, consider the Fossil color option, which combines cool greys with warmer, earthy brown highlights. Beacon Hill Flagstone’s durability, owing to EnduraColor Facemix Technology, ensures that this paver will not fade over time like natural bluestone. In addition, Beacon Hill Flagstone is available in XL sized units, allowing for a more expansive patio design.

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Another great option for emulating the elegant, non-slip texture of bluestone is Unilock Richcliff. Richcliff offers a number of integrated enhancements, including EnduraColor Facemix Technology for protection against fading, Reala Surface Technology, which ensures an ultra-realistic surface texture, and Ultima Concrete Technology which gives these pavers incredible strength to withstand frequent vehicular loads. As far as color options go, Richcliff presents two outstanding bluestone alternatives: Smoke Shale and Dawn Mist. These option are comprised of deep blue-grey tones, with Dawn Mist presenting a variety of charcoal and blue undertones. You might even consider a Dawn Mist/Pebble Taupe blend to capture the various browns that are sometimes present in certain bluestone variations.


Treo EnduraColor

Treo EnduraColor offers three distinct options as an alternative to bluestone: New York Blend, Charcoal and Steel Mountain, however, the Almond Grove and Bavarian color options are also worth considering. Treo EnduraColor offers a smaller format to Beacon Hill Flagstone, making it ideal for paving small patios and areas where fine detail is required.

Treo EnduraColor and the other options mentioned above are only a few of the many alternatives offered by Unilock. The natural appearance and bold coloring of these products is achieved using advanced manufacturing processes and cutting edge concrete technology. Get in touch with a Unilock Authorized Contractor in the Worcester, MA, area to take advantage of these fantastic alternatives today!



Unilock Pavers and Color Options to Replace Bluestone in Worcester, MA


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