Unilock Natural Stone: Choosing Between Limestone and Sandstone for your Overland Park, Olathe, Kansas City, Lawrence | Unilock

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Unilock Natural Stone: Choosing Between Limestone and Sandstone for your Overland Park, Olathe, Kansas City, Lawrence

The single most important decision over which you have control in your landscape design is the choice of paver for the patio. This area will be visited more than any other place in your yard, after all, so make sure you’re in love with the stone chosen and you will continue to enjoy your patio day in and day out, throughout the seasons, for many years to come. Choosing between Unilock natural stone available in Overland Park, Olathe, Kansas City, and Lawrence should be made with a consideration of the stone’s appearance in different weather conditions and light patterns, how it fits within the landscape as a whole, and how your plans for your landscape may change in the future.

Same High Quality for Both Limestone and Sandstone

Unilock offers both Limestone and Sandstone as natural stone paving options. Unilock sources both materials from Europe and Asia, adhering to a set of high ethical and humanitarian standards. In addition, both stones offer a low water absorption, long term durability even when exposed to extreme freeze-thaw cycles, and high flexural strength, which is needed for long-lasting construction projects. Each stone is precision cut and treated with several processes to improve durability and appearance. With these provisions made for both sandstone and limestone options, it’s reassuring to know that your paver will be of exceptional quality regardless of your choice. The question remains, which one to choose?

The Differences Lie in Appearance and Texture

The differences between Sandstone and Limestone aren’t an issue of quality. They’re both high quality natural stones, worthy of your patio project. However, they do have different appearances and textures, so your choice will likely depend on your personal tastes and your purposes for the paved area. Unilock offers Limestone in the colors of Black River and Winter Mist, both of which offer a cool/neutral tone, with Black River providing a deeper shade. Limestone has a finer grain than Sandstone and a subtle surface texture.
Sandstone is available in the shades of Autumn Harvest – a warm and sunny option, Indian Coast – characterized by its earthy brown and natural red vein, and the subtle Stone Cliff Grey, offering lighter and warmer shades than Limestone. Due to the color and texture, you’ll likely find Sandstone more suited to pool decking than Limestone. Importantly, to get a true representation of the color, make sure that you view the stones when wet, in light, and in shade or full sun.

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Either option provides a high-quality paver for your patio. However, the appearance and texture differences are significant enough that you will be able to make a decision based on these distinctions. Consider the overarching plans for your landscape design, your preferences regarding texture and shading, and your future intentions for hardscape and softscape inclusion. Once you decide upon Limestone or Sandstone for your patio, a Unilock Authorized Contractor can implement the construction in professional and appropriate manner, ensuring that your patio construction will last a lifetime.

The title image features Sandstone in Autumn Harvest from Unilock.

Unilock Natural Stone: Choosing Between Limestone and Sandstone for your Overland Park, Olathe, Kansas City, Lawrence

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