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Top Products for Outdoor Kitchens and Bars in Cincinnati & Dayton, OH

As warmer weather approaches, homeowners’ thoughts may turn to landscape design. Those who enjoy spending time outdoors entertaining and spending low-key evenings with family will benefit from the construction of an outdoor kitchen or bar in Cincinnati or Dayton, OH. Unilock offers a variety of building units which are ideal for such an undertaking, and the variety of available products means that you can create the aesthetic that you want while benefiting from the extreme durability of these deterioration-resistant products. While creating your design plan, consider existing structures, future plans, and the overarching aesthetic of the entire property as you select from the many product offerings from Unilock.

Brussels Dimensional Stone

To create a high quality outdoor kitchen or bar, Brussels Dimensional Stone provides the necessary components to create the vertical elements of the landscape plan. These units are ideal for homeowners who like the look of natural stone. With the many different sizes on offer, a weathered texture, and several available shades, this unit creates an outdoor kitchen aesthetic that recreates the charm of natural stone.

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Moreover, Brussels Dimensional Stone allows for maximum flexibility when planning out your design features. Curved, straight, and elevated hardscapes are easily accommodated, and can include accents or maintain a monochromatic look. The colors available include Coffee Creek, Limestone, River, Sandstone, Sierra, and Brown. Whether your outdoor kitchen and bar are meant to be low-key and functional or glamorous and high-end, this versatile stone will meet your needs.

Estate Wall

With its weathered and aged appearance, Estate Wall captures the charm of longstanding quarried stone. This choice will definitely make a statement when used to construct your outdoor bar or kitchen. With a variety of sizes and natural shades, including River, Sierra, Sycamore, and Walnut, Estate Wall building units form will form a remarkable outdoor kitchen and bar rich with natural textures and character.

Rivercrest Wall

For those who enjoy the aesthetic of natural stone with a leaning toward the romantic, Rivercrest Wall has the appearance of stacked flagstone. The realistic weathered texture is cast from actual natural stone. When the myriad of sizes available combine with the shade chosen, either Coastal Slate or Buff, the result is a unique outdoor kitchen or bar that is sure to become the object of conversation, envy, and imitation.

Lineo Dimensional Stone

Lovers of modern architecture may appreciate the impressions made by the already discussed options for building outdoor kitchens or bars, but might be looking for something a little more cutting edge. If the home is a contemporary masterpiece, the outdoor kitchen space should be as well. Lineo Dimensional Stone fits the bill with a zero bevel edge, four different lengths of rectangular plank-like blocks, as well as pillar units and pillar caps. Lineo Dimensional Stone creates the sleek look, clean lines and horizontal emphasis ideal for a modern outdoor kitchen. The colors of Platinum, Sierra or Walnut fit perfectly within a modern landscape, and can even be used to add a hint of the new to an otherwise traditional landscape.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen built with Brussels Dimensional Stone, complemented by Brussels Fullnose steps and an Umbriano patio.

Top Products for Outdoor Kitchens and Bars in Cincinnati & Dayton, OH

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